Artist: U2

Date: 2005-07-23

Location: Rome, Italy - Stadio Olimpico

Medium: DVD

Equipment / Source: amateur


This DVD from Rome 23-7-2005 is made from several known and a some unknown sources.
It is a multicam registration of the show, which turned out very nice (I think).

The quality is not to be compared to those beautifull 1st and 3rd leg recordings. So expect
some unstable images as no tripods are used. Also the resolution on some of the sources
is not as high as you might wish (this has been in my source files allready).

The audio has been created by B!GgIrL and is a matrix of different sources and in great.

Special thanks to U2Star for all those contributing to this DVD.

Some tech info

Audio AC3
Menu, authoring by song
Complete show
Artwork included.

No cover available for this show.