Artist: U2

Date: 1989-10-12

Location: Melbourne, Australia - National Tennis Centre

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unknown


The quality is not as good as the melbourne shows seeded recently by boyacrobat,
and to be honest with all the quality recordings being uploaded I have been
in 2 minds wether to seed it all but this version hasnt been seeded so it probably deserves to be
and its free so here goes ,it is a more full show with the 5 missing songs from the earlier seed although
40 is cut after 4.01

The recording lacks any real "depth" and needs to be played loud to hear
what has been recorded . I would guess that it was recorded with very basic
equipment or the taper didnt realise how bad it was being taped.
I dont know if it is possible to clean it up at all.

I would probably give it a 5 but its all personal some people may not agree

My lineage is ??>CDR>Nero wav split>CDR>FLAC>You

CD 1
star spangled banner
bullet the blue sky
where the streets have no name
i will follow
still havent found...
unforgettable fire (small dropout prob tape flip no music lost)
god ptII
all along the watchtower
all i want is you
van diemens land 1 (there was a 4-5 second gap which I have taken out but I dont know
van diemens land 2 how to merge the 2 tracks togeather advice here would be great)
with or without you

CD 2
people get ready
angle of harlem (a number of pops and clicks)
when love comes to town (again a number of pops and clicks also tape flip 1 or 2 secs missing but very long intro)
love rescue me (into love rescues me also some pops and clicks but only in first 2 mins)
new years day
out of control
stand by me
40 (cut after 4.01)

Enjoy if you can and I would happily welcome and constructive critcisms/advice if there are
any with regard to this seed especially any technical advice in cleaning it up for a possible
future re-seed



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