Artist: U2

Date: 2006-11-18

Location: Melbourne, Australia - Telstra Dome

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: OKM IIr / M1


Melbourne - Telstra Stadium
Sat 18th Nov 2006

taper: Blackout - DG
Location:10m smack in front of LH satellite stack located mid-way down the GA field.

Lineage: OKMII Mics & Preamp into Sony M1 DAT Recorder > Transferred using Sony DTC-60ES DAT Deck into SPDIF Dig in of Echo Mia > Sound Forge > Some Light Waves L2 Limiting > Spliced using CD Architect > Flac

1. Intro
2. City of blinding lights
3. Vertigo
4. Elevation
5. I Will Follow
6. New year's day
7. Beautiful day
8. Stuck In A Moment
9. Angel Of Harlem
10. Sometimes you can't make it on your own
11. Love and peace
12. Sunday bloody sunday
13. Bullet the blue sky
14. Miss Sarajevo
15. Pride (in the name of love)
16. Where the streets have no name
17. One
18. The fly
19. Mysterious Ways
20. With or without you
21. The saints
22. Desire
23. Kite

Those who know of my Australia ë89 Lovetown recordings and remasters will know that I am quite pedantic about quality. I was positioned about 20 m from the main speaker stacks initially but to be honest I have found the main stacks at the Vertigo concerts to be quite scooped with their freqÖlots of top and mud bass but not much else. For this recording I ìtook one for the teamî and gave up my closer viewing location for the far better taping location of directly below the mid-way satellite stacks located further back , to get the ultimate recording. There can be bass cancellation in this area, and one foot to the wrong side and its wildly differentÖI located the sweet spot. More of Bonos voice is piped thru the satellite speakers than the main stacks I have found which is generally a good thing for this recording, although the speakers did seem to distort slightly on some his voice peaks. Very little audience noise. Personally I rate the sound quite highlyÖit was a case of being in the right spot, with the right gear, on the right nite, with the band really firing. Bono talked a lot and sang a lot of new stuff over the top. Ill leave it up to you to give it a rating tho. I have traveled around the country with u2 and captured all the concerts with this rig to DATÖnot an easy task with metal detectors, wanding, patting down, bag checks etc for every concertÖ.(except this nite for some reason). Just out of interest, there was a film crew at the concert tonite for the first time, running Panavision cameras on camera trees, none of the new cameras vision were fed to the stadium screens, which leads me to believe they were for something else (a live DVD perhaps???)..interesting. Enjoy ppl!

Shout out and respect to da man BOYACROBAT for his monumental contribution with his magical Lovetown recordingsÖyoure a legendÖas well as andyshea for putting his recent stuff up.

Share freely ñ Do Not Sell. Do Not Remaster. Do not convert to mp3! Split the show up however you want on your own CDs.

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Blackout (DG).


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No cover available for this show.