Artist: U2

Date: 2006-11-16

Location: Adelaide, Australia - AAMI Stadium

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: OKM IIr / M1


Adelaide ñ AAMI Stadium
16th Nov 2006

taper: Blackout - DG
Location:20m directly in front of left-hand main speaker stack - against circle fence.

Lineage: OKMII Mics & CUSTOM Preamp WITH TOP-END FILTERS into Sony M1 DAT Recorder > Transferred using Sony DTC-60ES DAT Deck into SPDIF Dig in of Echo Mia > Sound Forge > Some Light Waves L2 Limiting > Spliced using CD Architect > Flac

1. City of blinding lights
2. Vertigo
3. Elevation
4. I Will Follow
5. New year's day
6. Beautiful day
7. Stuck In A Moment
8. Angel Of Harlem
9. Sometimes you can't make it on your own
10. Love and peace
11. Sunday bloody sunday
12. Bullet the blue sky
13. Miss Sarajevo
14. Pride (in the name of love)
15. Where the streets have no name
16. One

17. Zoo Station
18. The Fly
19. With or without you
20. Audience Chatter
21. The saints Are Coming
22. Desire
23. Kite

Ok then here is my Adelaide 06 Vertigo recording.

I have had literally hundreds of requests for this. And for melb 19th. The requests have been absolutely overwhelming.

I have not traded this with anyone. The only reason it is delayed is due to trying to find the time to get it transferred, split up, flac'd, tracks labelled, etc. Its quite a job....and ive moved both my house and business recently (both into bigger locations!) and its been crazy.

This recording is not as good as my (infamous) Melb 18th. Theres a few reasons why.

It was recorded with the same equipment. The difference in quality is solely due to my position, namely being in front of the main stacks. The main Vertigo speaker stacks are quite crap sounding...scooped with their frequency, lots of top end and mud bass but not much else. They are also not very loud. They are heavily filtered to avoid microphone feedback from Bono as he walks out and about directly in front of them, and the speaker level is quiet as Joe tries to reduce stadium reflections. So the result is a less flat-sounding recording, with more audience noise. Still..its ok overall. I wish now that i had walked around and gone to the same spot as melb 18th...but then i would have seen nothing.

I flew into Adelaide and out the next day, just to make this recording.
There was a pat-down this nite as opposed to metal detectors which was good. U2 seemed to have a good time, although there was not as much talking between songs, Bono did make a few unique moments and comments which was cool. Pretty standard setlist, ended up like most of the other Australian shows.

I have not done my full Melb 19th show yet as it requires a LOT of editing to remove the girls comments i was with at the concert. She doesnt want the world listening to her dirty comments into my ear/mics and i dont blame her. My Melb 19th recording was never meant to be released, i expected BOYACROBATS recording to appear here soon after. I dont know why he has not come to the party yet...but i think if i dont put mine up now then hundreds of ppl will line up to stab me, so i will get around to it. Just go easy on me please and be patient and respectful ok...sending me nasty and threatening messages saying "when the fuk are you going to cough it up" is not exactly going to help.

I was also disappointed that ppl did not believe that my melb 18th recording was lossless. This recording is also lossless. I have a dual-degree in electronics and sound engineering and have modified the preamp for my OKMII mics so that it rolls off the top end to make it smoother. I also use 3 hour DAT tapes on 44.1k which i brought a few years ago that were intended for data. So i am not using a DAT LP mode, i do not have the 2 hour DAT limit, this recording has never seen mp3. And i hope it never does. I hope this is the first and last i have to say about it this time.

So i have done this Adelaide show first as its an easier job to get done and also as ive not seen an Adelaide 06 show here on u2torrents yet.

Share freely ñ Do Not Sell. Do Not Remaster. Do not convert to mp3 or your hard drive will crash and i hope you lose everything. But split the show up however you want on your own CDs ok.

(Please help seeding this as I get capped on my uploads with my internet connectionÖthanks )

Blackout (DG).


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