Artist: U2

Date: 2005-06-18

Location: London, England - Twickenham Stadium

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: OKMIIR / MZ-G750


U2 London -UK- Twickenham Stadium
18th JUne 2005

I wanted to test one function of my new Sony MZ-RH1 (High speed transfer
of normal MDs), here is the result.

Good sound (not the best i have taped in this tour, but not the worst!)
I was a little too far from the Stage.

Thanks to some friends who were with me this night (Salomé and Damien)

Source : OKMIIR > A3 > Sony MZ-G750

Transfer (15th September 2006): Sony MZ-RH1 > USB 2 > SonicStage >
Soundforge > CDWave > FlacFrontend > You

Title: "Grey Squirrels on The run" (yes, silly name)

Taper : SOUSOUS -


01."Wake Up"
03.I Will Follow
04.The Electric Co.
06.New Year's Day
07.Beautiful Day
08.I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
09.All I Want Is You
10.City Of Blinding Lights
11.Miracle Drug
12.Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
13.Love And Peace Or Else
14.Sunday Bloody Sunday
15.Bullet The Blue Sky


01.Running To Stand Still
02."Human Rights"
03.Pride (In The Name Of Love)
04.Where The Streets Have No Name
05."Make Poverty History"
07."Zoocasino & Zooboy"
08.Zoo Station
09.The Fly
10.Mysterious Ways


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