Artist: U2

Date: 1993-08-24

Location: Cork, Ireland - Pairc Ui Chaoim

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unk / D3


The Devil's Music

Disc 1:
1. Television, the Drug of the Nation/Intro
2. Zoo Station
3. The Fly
4. ZOO TV Channel Changing/Even Better than the Real Thing
5. Mysterious Ways
6. One
7. Unchained Melody
8. Until the End of the World
9. New Year's Day
10. Numb
11. Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World
12. Angel of Harlem
13. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
14. Satellite of Love

Disc 2:
1. Bad/Irish Heartbeat/Fool to Cry
2. The First Time (end of "Bad")
3. Bullet the Blue Sky
4. Running to Stand Still
5. Where the Streets Have No Name
6. Pride (In the Name of Love)
7. Video Confessionals/Encore Intro
8. Desire / MacPhisto Phone Call / All Kinds of Everything
9. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
10. With or Without You
11. Love is Blindness
12. Can't Help Falling in Love

August 24, 1993. Cork, Ireland. Pairc Ui Chaoim.

Sound Quality:
B - B+ Audience

Equipment: (Taper M. Vasquez) Sony WMd3 Mic ? > MCassette > Tape > Line out PC EAC (record & Tracking) WAV > CDR > EAC Secure > FLAC


There are several pops in Disc 2, tracks 8-10.

This was the first of three Zooropa shows in Ireland to close the European tour. The proceeds from all of these shows in Ireland went to charity, and were attended by people all over Europe and the world. The setlist was pretty much a repeat of the show in London 3 days earlier.

Sound quality is all right. Not the best, definitely not a DAT, but the sound comes through pretty clearly. Audience participation is at times annoying, and individuals can sometimes be heard singing, but it's not a big problem at all, especially considering the rarity of this show. The bass seems a little loud toward the end, but nothing terrible.

Pimm's notes: Sales for Cork are initially slow, but pick up in the last few weeks and sell out but for a thousand. The Cork show is preceded by another controversy, when Cork County secretary Frank Murphy of the highly conservative Gaelic Athletics Association, who own the stadium, bans the sale of U2's 'Achtung Baby' condoms from their merchandise stands. U2 manager Paul McGuinness reacts by handing out handfuls of condoms for free to an eagerly accepting crowd. His action is criticised by the Lord Mayor of Cork, who is upset "because there were also 13-year olds in the audience". Of course, Bono uses his McPhisto character to take a sneer at Frank Murphy's decision. "Civilisation is crumbling, who can take it back from the the brink? The GAA, that's who! We're their guests tonight, so there'll be no sale of condoms, no rubber Johnnies". The crowd laugh as he continues to ridicule Murphy: "We don't want the young people carried away on a sea of seed and desire, now we do? They'll be at it like rabbits, slaves to the devil's monument, delivered to the gates of the hell in latex jackets! Contraception, safe sex, AIDS: it's not their problem. No homo's, junkies or Haitians here tonight; just castrated, abstemious, happy families! Fine and dandy, not a willie in sight. And we got the GAA to thank for that". McPhisto delivers a brief rendition of an old Eurovision Song Contest entry, Dana's All Kinds of Everything, when he calls Frank Murphy, but nobody picks up. Murphy is in the stadium watching the show.--


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