Artist: U2

Date: 1987-10-22

Location: Champaign, IL - Assembly Hall

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unk / WM-D3


Assembly Hall
Champaign, IL
October 22, 1987

Taper: Don't recall
Transferred by: ademotte
Lineage: Audience recording/WM-D3 (analog) => 1st gen. => CDR =>
EAC => Audigy Audio Cleaning Lab* => WAV => FLAC Frontend

* Audigy was used to split tracks and slightly adjust high and low end upward.
Furthermore, the +1 kHz band was lowered to reduce echo.

Disc info:

Disc 1:

(1) Where The Streets Have No Name (6:23)
(2) I Will Follow (4:32)
(3) I Trip Through Your Wires (3:50)
(4) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (6:32)
(5) MLK (1:32) =>
(6) The Unforgettable Fire (4:35)
(7) Exit (4:56)
(8) In God's Country (4:01)
(9) Sunday Bloody Sunday (5:27)

Total time: 41:49

Disc 2:

(1) Help (3:41)
(2) People Get Ready (4:44)
(3) Bad (7:51)
(4) October (2:16) =>
(5) New Year's Day (5:01)
(6) Pride (In the Name of Love) (5:47)
(7) Star Spangled Banner (mostly cut due to tape change)/Bullet The Blue Sky (5:22)
(8) Running To Stand Still (5:53)
(9) With or Without You (5:39)
(10) 40 (6:33)

Total time: 52:49

File size:
FLAC compressed (level 8): 523 mb
Uncompressed: 955 mb

Notes: I got this in trade back in 1988 from a Chicago-area trader.
He was a freshman at U of I and *not* a regular taper; he used a Sony
D-3 Walkman recorder with clip-on stereo mikes. I was really impressed
by the quality at the time; I'm not as impressed today in the era
of ALD, IEM, and professional-quality stealth mikes, but it's still a
pretty good, clear recording nonetheless. The limitations of the microphones are
apparent in the limited dynamics and somewhat shrill higher ranges; EQ'ing
this tape was a choice of either tolerating some shrillness or having
the vocals buried in the heavy bass. I chose the former, but you may wish
to play with the settings somewhat before you burn this.

I don't want to set anyone's expectations too high -- this is not a
fabulous recording, but it's definitely enjoyable and captures the band
at their peak. I wanted to get this one out there before the cassette
decomposes; it's a good document from a show in a college town, but won't
win any awards in terms of sound quality.

The "Star Spangled Banner" is mostly missing; I think this was the first show
this guy ever taped, so he was not yet quite up to the challenge of switching tapes
in the dark.

Enjoy the show!


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