Artist: U2

Date: 1985-03-08

Location: San Francisco, CA - Cow Palace

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unk


Date : march 8, 1985
Place : San Francisco
Venue : Cow Palace
Complete show : YES

Taper : ?????
Equipment : ?????
Lineage : cassette(TDK SA 90)>cdrecorder(Philips 760)>cdrw>Music Match recorder>hd>Cool Edit Pro>Flac 5

Another show from The Unforgettable Fire Tour, which I haven't seen
here before. Years ago I have traded it so I'm sure it's lossless because it was for the mp3 period. But I include a FA.
At the end of Party girl Bono sing a snippet of a unknown song, maybe you know ???

It's a VERY CLEAR AUDIENCE recording, sometimes you can hear people talking but not during the songs except for Bad during the "let it go " part. It's not disturbing, it's the charm of a live-recording.
The show starts a bit muddy but becomes better during I will follow
Unfortunatly Cry/Electric co and Bad are faded-out. I quess because the recording was taped on a 90-minutes tape.

I try to be as honest as possible 'bout this recording.

If I have to rate it it would be 8 out of 10

Artwork is included
mp3 samples will follow in the comment sector


The Setlist

cd 1

01 4th of July(PA) 0:48
02 11 O'clock tick tock 4:53
03 I will follow 3:55
04 Seconds 4:15
05 Surrender 5:19
06 Two hearts beat as one 5:06
07 MLK 3:12
08 The unforgettable fire 4:51
09 Wire 4:12
10 Sunday bloody Sunday 5:07
11 Cry/Electric co(fade-out) 5:01

cd 2

01 A sort of homecoming 5:46
02 Bad 13:11
03 October 2:11
04 New Year's Day 5:25
05 Pride(in the name of love) 4:57
06 Party girl 4:59
07 "40"(fade-out) 9:58


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