Artist: U2

Date: 1984-10-27

Location: Brussels, Belgium - Forest National

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unk


Date: 0ctober 27,1984
Place : Brussels, Belgium
Venue : Voorst Nationaal
Complete show : YES
Lineage : tape>cdrecorder Philips 760>HD>Cool Edit Pro>Flac
Taper/equipment : Unknown

This is another U2 show of The Unforgettable Fire Tour which I haven't seen here before, so I like to upload it for you. I have grabbed so many show here from that I want to do my part in sharing U2 shows.

The show sounds good, clear but with some hiss, In Two hearts there's a little "volume-fall" and Seconds is missing a complete verse.
The last songs on cd 2 are not that good. The left speaker is o.k but the right one has fluctuation in the sound
That's why I would rate it 6(out of 10)

FA and mp3 sample in comments


cd 1

101 4th of July(PA) (1m01)
102 11 O'clock tick tock (4m28)
103 I will follow (3m49)
104 Wire (4m06)
105 MLK (1m57)
106 The unforgettable fire (4m31)
107 Surrender (4m34)
108 Two hearts beat as one (4m40)
109 Seconds (2m18)
A sort of homecoming (5m49)
111 Sunday bloody Sunday (4m58)

cd 2

201 Cry-Electric co (6m.00)
202 Bad (8m04)
203 Indian summer sky (4m07)
204 October (2m04)
205 New Year's Day (4m50)
206 Pride (4m12)
207 Party girl (3m01)
208 Gloria (4m42)
209 40 (7m58)


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