Artist: U2

Date: 1984-09-18

Location: Melbourne, Australia - Sports and Entertainment Centre

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unk


Any known recording lasts exactly 86 minutes, but it misses 40.

date confirmation: Could this tape be another show than 9/18? No. Bono clearly states that it's the last night in Melbourne before Surrender.
recording identifier:
It's hard to any decypher distinguishing audience sounds. The sound of my recording becomes clearer/sharper during Electric co. though.

Gloria : Tonight's the night! This is Gloria!
I threw a brick : before 'Starting a landslide': .. hearts is cold, through the drizzle and cold. And hearts beats slowly, through the drizzle and cold. But it doesn't make any difference, because we're warm inside. .. inside.
A day without me :
An cat dubh : Tonight depends on one thing. It doesn't depend in what people have said about the concerts, it doesn't depend on what the press have written about the concerts. It depends on the music. This An Cat Dubh, The Black Cat.
Into the heart :
The unforgettable fire : I think Bono sites a poem during the intro of The Unforgettable Fire.
Surrender : There's a very interesting atmosphere in this building tonight. It's actually a lot different than the other nights, I think I like it, I think it's an interesting atmosphere. Now, this is the last concert for U2 here in Melbourne, and eh, I suppose this is like .. circusses. .. goes, it's over there.. What I'm trying to do is actually is eh, I really like to take advantage .. try to talk a bit this evening, try to tell a bit about ... Usually we just keep playing because we're much better at playing music than talking about it. But this song I want to talk about, because this song was in some ways the key to our last record and everone was talking about the violence on our last record and this song is .. not about that at all. This song is about somebody, somebody on top of a tall building in New York. There's two songs on the LP War which are about this person, a song called called Surrender, a song called Red Light. This song is Surrender.
Two hearts beat as one : Com'n Joe, c'mon.. I can't stop..
Seconds :
Sunday bloody sunday :
Cry - Electric co. :
A sort of homecoming : Well, a song called A Sort of Homecoming. Edge initially starts the song a few notes to high.
October :
New year's day :
Pride : This song is for, eh for sombody that our own country could have done with in the last 10 years. For Martin Luther King. Pride.
Out of control :
Party girl : Thank you, we want some [?] that's what everbody wants.
11 O'clock tick tock : during the song: When I dance with she, I dance with we.
I will follow :
[40] : My recording misses this song, but I assume it's been played. I don't know if it does exist on tape.

U2 Live in Melbourne, Sports and Entertainment Centre september 18, 1984

Linage: tape>cdr>hd>cool edit pro>flac 5


Gloria sounds a bit muffy, so was Cry/Electric co also. I tried to equalize Cry/Electric co a bit.
I normalized the complete tape to 98%
Made fade-outs and fade-ins at the beginning/end of the disks
Between October and New Year's Day is a drop-out, could not repair it

To me it's a reasonable recording 7 on a scale of 10, but that's my opinion, it's always hard to rate a recording.

Hope you like it


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