Artist: U2

Date: 1985-03-28

Location: Toronto, Canada - Maple Leaf Gardens

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: ECM-16T / WA-55


U2, March 28, 1985, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Source: Cassette Master > SONY TC-RX410 cassette player > MacBook Pro > CD Spin Doctor 3.0.2t > xAct 1.5 (for flac conversion/ sector boundary check/ md5 checksums & flac fingerprint)

Recorded using SONY WA-55 stereo cassette-corder and 2 SONY ECM-16T clip-on mics from End BLUE Section 28, Row C, Seat 18.

* Note that during the first half of the concert, up until about 2/3 into "Bad", one of my mics was not fully plugged into the stereo splitter adapter that plugged into my WA-55 deck. I didn't realize the problem until that point in the concert and thus was unknowingly only recording one channel. Thus I split that channel to at least give a mono signal in both left and right channels. You'll notice a nice shift to stereo during the climax of "Bad" when I checked my mics and got them both plugged in properly. The mono tracks are labeled with a *

Total Time: 101:20

Disc 1: 47:54

*U21985-03-28d1t01.flac - Entrance Promenade (1:26)
*U21985-03-28d1t02.flac - Intro/11:00 Tick Tock (4:47)
*U21985-03-28d1t03.flac - I Will Follow (3:59)
*U21985-03-28d1t04.flac - Seconds (3:39)
*U21985-03-28d1t05.flac - Intro/ Two Hearts Beat As One (4:46)
*U21985-03-28d1t06.flac - Intro/ MLK (2:37)
*U21985-03-28d1t07.flac - The Unforgettable Fire (4:58)
*U21985-03-28d1t08.flac - Intro/ Wire (4:06)
*U21985-03-28d1t09.flac - Intro/ Sunday Bloody Sunday (5:35)
*U21985-03-28d1t10.flac - Intro/ Electric Co./ Bono on Flags (6:38)
*U21985-03-28d1t11.flac - Intro/ A Sort of Homecoming (5:20)

Disc 2: 53:26

*U21985-03-28d1t01.flac - Intro/ Bad (11:56) (stereo starts @ 6:20 of track)
U21985-03-28d2t02.flac - October (2:17)
U21985-03-28d2t03.flac - New Year's Day (4:59)
U21985-03-28d2t04.flac - Intro/ Pride (5:05)
U21985-03-28d2t05.flac - Encore Applause (2:40)
U21985-03-28d2t06.flac - Intro/ Knockin' On Heaven's Door (7:55)
U21985-03-28d2t07.flac - Gloria (4:56)
U21985-03-28d2t08.flac - Encore Applause (1:41)
U21985-03-28d2t09.flac - Intro/ 40 (11:55)




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