Artist: U2

Date: 1985-01-28

Location: Hamburg, Germany - Congress Centre

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unk


Congress Centre
Hamburg, Germany
January 28, 1985

Attendance: 5,000 sellout
Support: Belfegore

Disc 1 (41:12)

1. 4th of July (PA)
2. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
3. I Will Follow
4. Seconds
5. MLK
6. The Unforgettable Fire
7. Wire
8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
9. Cry-Electric Co.
10. A Sort of Homecoming

Disc 2 (46:23)

1. Bad
2. October
3. New Year's Day
4. Pride
5. Gloria
6. Party Girl
7. Two Hearts Beat as One
8. "40"
9. Clannad Outro


Per Pimm:

"Belfegore, a trio from Dusseldorf, join the U2 bandwagon to support them on most of the shows, but are not accepted well by the audience. During U2's set, however, the atmosphere is excellent. There are none of the disturbances that have marred the two 1981 concerts in this town. Bono remembers those rowdy performances: "Well, this is our first serous, proper, respectable long-time tour of your country. I wonder what went wrong when we were here before, but I hope that what went wrong is now going right.

"The night before the concert, the band took a stroll around the infamous Reeperbahn, the heart of Hamburg's red-light district. Bono dedicates Bad to 'some people I fell in love with last night, some girls, some very nice and very pretty girls. They can't be with us tonight, because they are working girls. This song is for them, this is called Bad.' He sings an intense version of the song that segues into The Velvet Underground's Waiting For The Man.

"Bono refers to the Loreley show on August 20, 1983, where most of the songs on 'Under a Blood Red Sky' stem from. 'This is a song that sort of belongs to you people -- you put it on the record, it's your voices, taken from the Rockpalast concert. This is the song 40."


This is the second of the concerts which Dana has generously helped me/us upgrade from lossy (multiple discs now coasters) to lossless. It was sent to me in two wav files, each representing a side of the tape. As with the Gateshead show, it was run through Cool Edit Pro 2.0 to reduce hiss, then divided into separate tracks with CD Wave. Graphic equalizing with various tweaks did not add enough to make it worth changing the original files. The sound is probably 3/5, conservatively speaking. Bono's voice is a tad distant, but everything is reasonably certainly can hear the crowd as a whole, but the taper managed to keep adequate distance from anyone yelling, singing, or clapping.

As usual, an attempt was made to survey the major sites to see what else is known about this show. Justin's site lists it, but no link to any info. probably has a similar source and states, "This recording suffers from the lack of clarity and crispness. The overall sound is somewhat muffled but still listenable. Bono's voice is also drowned and not as prominent as it should be. All in all a bootleg for somebody looking for rare Unforgettable Fire stuff." does not list this, but hopefully someone will help get this posted there for future reference.

There is no cover art for this one...anywhere...hope we can get that matter addressed in the process.

I have included the FA and spectral view for completeness, but again, this is a cassette tape source, preceding the evil days of compression.

So, thanks again Dana!

danafletch Maxell XLII or TDK SA (unknown taper, equipment, lineage > Sony KETC5000S 3 head deck line out > PC line in > EAC (record WAV) > ftp to petergoode > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 to reduce hiss > CD Wave to separate wav files > FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 to FLAC Level 6


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No cover available for this show.