Artist: U2

Date: 1984-12-05

Location: Washington, DC - Constitution Hall

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unk


Constitution Hall
Washington, D.C.
December 5, 1984

Attendance: 3,000 (sellout)
Support: The Waterboys

Disc 1 (40:21)

1. 4th of July (PA)-11 O'Clock Tick Tock
2. I Will Follow
3. Seconds
4. MLK
5. The Unforgettable Fire
6. Wire
7. Sunday Bloody Sunday
8. Cry-Electric Co.
9. A Sort of Homecoming

Disc 2 (39:36)

1. Bad
2. October
3. New Year's Day
4. Pride
5. Gloria
6. Party Girl
7. Two Hearts Beat as One
8. "40"


Per Pimm:

"During I Will Follow those in the front push each other around. 'Normally, when this group hits the stage, people start dancing with the others,' Bon says. 'Why is this not possible in this prestigious place?' Tht show continues in festive spirit without any more disturbance. During the encore Bono introduces 'the greatest living guitar roadie in the world...bring on Steve Rainford, it's his birthday today,' and sings Happy Birthday with the crowd.

"J.D. Considine reviews the show in The Washington Post: 'Midway through a rousing rendition of Sunday Bloody Sunday, a cry for peace inspired by the Bloody Sunday riots in Northern Ireland, singer Bono broke off to lead the crowd in a chant of 'No more, no war!' A girl at the foot of the stage reached up to hand the singer a small bouquet. Bono accepted the flowers, then lifted the girl onto the stage, embracing her as if in demonstration of the brotherhood the song was advocating.

"'Moments like these are what live rock & roll is all about, and they happen too infrequently these days. More common by far is blind adulation and passive acceptance, in which the stars are cheered merely for walking on stage. There was a fair bit of that, too, in U2's concert. There were times when the applause in response to the Edge's guitar flourishes made it impossible to hear what he was playing, and Bono even earned cheers for simply loosening his shirt."


This was another one of my "obtained in trade" concerts with unknown source, lineage, etc. I have seeded it as the two separate discs which had been sent to me. Justin lists a version "UF in DC" with 4th of July and 11 O'Clock Tick Tock split into two separate tracks...with 40:39 D1 and 41:42 D2. The version here could be burned onto one disc with an obviously tight fit.

The cover art which Lars made is for a one disc version, which also is what shows.

This is another show posted by request to fill a hole...and hopefully many others will benefit from this for similar reasons...2.5/5 in quality, it's not one of those shows for which you will want to stick the old headphones over your head and crank up the volume.

cdr (obtained in trade, unknown taper, equipment, lineage, but lossless) > EAC to wav > FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 to FLAC level 6


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