Artist: U2

Date: 1980-03-02

Location: Tullamore, Ireland - The Garden Of Eden

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: master tape


Sunday 2nd March 1980
The Garden of Eden, Tullamore, Ireland
"Garden of Remembrance - Definitive Edition"

Source: Mono Mic > Master Analog Cassette > 4 Track Tascam > LP Recorder > Wav > Goldwave > Cdr(M)
Transfer: Cdr(M) > EAC secured > Wav > FLAC

Notes : 2nd transfer from the taper ! The first have slight gaps or error between tracks due to bad software, he sent me a corrected transfer.
The taper confirms Date and setlist. Includes scans made by the taper.

Taped by : Harry C***EN
Transferred and encoded by: Max2Max ( 11/26/2006

***Big thanks to Harry For the source !!***

1: 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
2: Speed Of Light
3: The Magic Carpet
4: Stories For Boys
5: Trevor
6: Another Time, Another Place
7: Another Day
8: The Dream Is Over
9: Pete The Chop
10: Cartoon World
11: Jack In The Box
12: Shadows and Tall Trees
13: A Day Without Me
14: Twilight
15: Boy / Girl
16: Out Of Control

Total Time: 63:30

Comments from the taper:

This show was in "The Garden of Eden", Tullamore. This gig in Tullamore has never been logged correctly, so here it is.
U2 Played Tullamore, CO. Offaly in the midlands of Ireland on Sun 2nd March 1980.
This was one of the first times U2 played outside of the big cities (Dublin, Cork, etc...), and most of the locals were down in
the pub orin "THe Bridge House" dancing to Big Tom.
There were only about 20 people in the hall.
The hall was called "The Garden of Eden".
It's since been pulled down and a block of apartments built there.
I'm from Tullamore and I lived there at that time.
The problem with logging the show was that some reporter from NME or Melody Maker in England was with U2 that week and reported
the gig as being in "Tullyermeny" or somewhere like that.
As I said, there was on about 20 people there. What we lacked in numbers we made up for in volume.
My lasting impression of the gig was the presence of Bono - even then he was the center of attention.
The gig was recorded at the time on a tape deck. Some copies were given to friends from time to time, and so BAD boots of the gig have appeared.
This is from the original tape and it's now been cleaned up, and is on CD. The quality is very good for an audience tape.

Comments from Sean's Cdr trading Site:

Live from Tullamore at the Garden of Eden on March 2nd, 1980. This is sourced from the master analog audience recording.
It was recorded right in front of the stacks so the music is clear and there is little or no crowd interference.
It has a great soundboard feel to it. Yes - it's mono. Yes, it has a pretty harsh sound to it.
But where else can you hear early versions of "11 O'clock" and "Pete The Chop"? A really cool show for those who enjoy early U2 material.
If you're one of them, don't hesitate to get this!


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