Artist: U2

Medium: CD

Title: The Ultimate 7&12 Collection Part VI


1. Intro / New Year's Day
2. Hallelujah
3. Save The Children
4. When Love Comes To Town
5. Jesus Christ
6. An Cat Dubh / Into The Heart
7. Mission: Impossible (Junior's Hard Mix)
8. Let The Good Times Roll
9. Royal Station
10. Heroine
11. One Foot In Heaven
12. Strange Party

(2): 'Tower Of Song' (Leonard Cohen tribute album)
(3): 'Inner City Blues' (Marvin Gaye tribute album)
(4): 'When Love Comes To Town' CD Single
(5): 'Folkways: A Vision Shared' album
(7): 'Mission: Impossible' (Promo?) CD Single
(8): 'Le Q's Juke Joint' (Quincy Jones album)
(10-12): 'Captive' Soundtrack

No cover available for this show.