Artist: U2

Date: 2001-03-24

Location: Miami, FL - National Car Rental Center

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: DSM-6 / D7


Elevation Tour - Miami/Sunrise, Florida - National Car Rental Center
24 March 2001

The SHN files, the Shorten Seek Tables, this info file and the checksum files were created by S.V. 04/18/2001

Length: approx 122 min
Quality: 'A+' Audience
Size: 795 MB compressed (SHN); 1,224 MB uncompressed (WAV)
Complete Show: Yes
DAE in Lineage: Yes, 2 DAE (1X HHB Pro CD-R Deck cloning, 1X EAC Secure)

Disc 1: (65:26)
Disc 2: (55:40)


Disc 1:
01. Elevation Remix (Intro)[0:53]
02. Elevation [3:57]
03. Beautiful Day [4:28]
04. Until the End of the World [5:04]
05. New Years Day [5:08]
06. Stuck in a Moment [4:43]
07. Gone [4:40]
08. Discotheque/Staring at the Sun [7:08]
09. New York [5:54]
10. I Will Follow [2:19]
11. Sunday Bloody Sunday/Get Up Stand Up [6:03]
12. Bono Introduces the Band [2:22]
13. Sweetest Thing [5:10]
14. In a Little While [4:55]
15. The Ground Beneath Her Feet [2:42]

Disc 2:
01. Bad [7:36]
02. Where the Streets Have No Name [6:01]
03. Mysterious Ways [6:11]
04. The Fly [5:51]
05. Intermission [3:53]
06. Bullet the Blue Sky [5:52]
07. With or Without You [6:38]
08. One [6:49]
09. Walk On [6:49]

Taper: A.P. / B.K.
Taping Position: Section 128, Row 17 (Behind Stage - PA overhead)
Conversion: Andy P.
Additional Editing: S.V. (See below)

History : Sony D7 DAT + Sonics DSM-6 Mics -> DAT(48kHz) -> Fostex 200 Stand-Alone Cd Recorder Deck (Digital Inputs; Hardware Resampling to 44.1 kHz) -> CD-R(M) -> B.K. -> HHB Pro CD-R Deck Cloning -> CD-R(1) -> S.V. -> EAC Secure DAE (single large wav files) -> CD WAVE EDITOR Track Splitting -> mkw Audio Compression Tools 0.97 BETA 1 -> SHN(M)


This is a great sounding recording of the Elevation Tour opening night show that was recorded from behind the stage by B.K. and his friend, A.P. from Florida. The rear PA was directly overhead from their taping seats, and the result is a strong, clean sounding show. The master DAT was recorded at 48kHz, then resampled to cd frequency (44.1) using Andy's Fostex 200 CD-R deck hardware resampling.

This will be one of the best sounding shows of the tour. It really sounds amazing!

After receiving the first gen digital cd-r's of this show from B.K. (cloned on his HHB Pro CD-R Deck), I performed a secure DAE using EAC to extract each disc as a single large .wav file, then re-indexed the discs by splitting the tracks into individual .wav's using CD Wave Editor. I re-indexed the discs because:

"In A Little While" and "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" were originally indexed together on Disc 1.

"Mysterious Ways" and "The Fly" were originally indexed together on Disc 2.

No cover available for this show.