Artist: U2

Date: 2001-04-06

Location: Denver, CO - Pepsi Center

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: OKM IIr / M1


Elevation Tour - Denver, Colorado - Pepsi Center
06 April 2001

The SHN files, the Shorten Seek Tables, this info file and the checksum files were created by Steve Vahey 04/18/2001

Length: approx 132 min (including pre-show PA music)
Quality: 'A/A+' Audience
Size: 804 MB compressed (SHN); 1,335 MB uncompressed (WAV)
Complete Show: Yes
DAE in Lineage: No

Disc 1: (63:50)
Disc 2: (68:20)


Disc 1:
01. Pre-Show Music over PA [6:10]
02. Elevation Remix (Intro) [1:35]
03. Elevation [3:56]
04. Beautiful Day [4:47]
05. Until the End of the World [5:16]
06. New Years Day [5:18]
07. Bono speaks about Denver / Red Rocks [2:03]
08. Stuck in a Moment [4:37]
09. Gone [4:39]
10. Discotheque/Staring at the Sun [6:07]
11. New York [5:53]
12. I Will Follow [3:14]
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday / Get Up Stand Up [6:02]
14. Sweetest Thing [4:13]

Disc 2:
01. Bono Introduces the Band [3:09]
02. In a Little While [4:36]
03. Ground Beneath Her Feet [2:55]
04. Bad [7:57]
05. Where the Streets Have No name [5:56]
06. Mysterious Ways [6:15]
07. The Fly [6:18]
08. Intermission / NRA Message [4:12]
09. Bullet the Blue Sky [6:04]
10. With or Without You [6:11]
11. One [6:25]
12. Walk On [8:22]

Taper: Friend of Scott Zumsteg
DAT->CDR/SHN Conversion: Steve Vahey

History : Sony PCM-M1 + OKMIIr mics -> DAT(M)(32kHz) -> S. Vahey -> Sony PCM-M1 DAT + Oade Digi Coax Cable + IDL-100 Hi-Res Digital Coax Monster Cable -> Midiman Audiophile 2496 Soundcard (SPDIF-In Clock Sync) -> WAV edit in CE2K (see below) -> CD WAVE EDITOR Track Splitting -> mkw Audio Compression Tools 0.97 BETA 1 -> SHN(M)


This is a great sounding recording of the Denver 2001 Elevation show that was recorded from a stage-side seat by a friend of Scott Z using Scott's taping rig. The master DAT was recorded at 32kHz, so I don't believe the high end on this sparkles quite as nicely as a rig of this type is actually capable of. However, there is no annoying crowd noise, the mix is great, and the PA was right overhead, so this is really a nice, clean sounding show.

Here is the mastering that I performed at 32bit upon receiving the master DAT from Scott Z.:

- Performed a software sample rate conversion from 32kHz to 44.1kHz at the highest quality setting (999) using the pre/post filter to give the best possible conversion accuracy. Sample conversion processing time was approximately 7 hours.
- Added Fade In/Out on each disc.
- No EQ adjustment, noise reduction or level changes were performed on this recording. All of these were already just about perfect on the master DAT.

No cover available for this show.