Artist: U2

Date: 2001-04-19

Location: San Jose, CA - Arena

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: Schoeps MK5 / M1


San Jose 04/19/2001
Stereo Audience Recording

Taping: (Floor) > Schoeps MK5 > >RMOD > SBM-1 > PCM-M1 (B.W.)
Seeding: CD3 > EAC Secure > WAV > Cooledit [fixing] >
CDWave [reindexing] > MKW > SHNv3 (J.D.)

Length: 126:51 min
Quality: Very Good (+) Audience
Size: 775 MB (SHN)

Disc One:
01. Elevation Remix (P.A.) [01:03]
02. Elevation [04:00]
03. Beautiful Day [04:44]
04. Until The End Of the World [05:09]
05. New Year's Day [05:53]
06. Stuck In A Moment [04:56]
07. Gone [04:34]
08. Even Better Than The Real Thing [03:56]
09. New York [06:03]
10. I Will Follow [03:05]
11. Sunday Bloody Sunday [06:30]
12. Sweetest Thing [04:23]
13. Band Introduction [03:51]
14. In A Little While [04:32]
15. Desire [03:04]
TOTAL: [65:43]

Disc Two:
01. The Ground Beneath Her Feet [03:16]
02. Bad [08:00]
03. Where The Streets Have No Name [06:03]
04. Mysterious Ways [05:53]
05. The Fly [06:52]
06. Charlton Heston intro (P.A.) [01:27]
07. Bullet The Blue Sky [05:53]
08. With Or Without You [05:31]
09. Pride (In The Name Of Love) [04:26]
10. One [05:54]
11. I Remember You [01:17]
12. Walk On [06:36]
TOTAL: [61:08]


San Jose, CA. Arena.
April 19, 2001. Complete Show.


In the original discs the audio signal was abruptly cut after the end of disc 1, so I added a fade out to that. Disc 2 was already faded in, so nothing could be done to prevent a gap happening between both discs.

Also, I added one second of silence at the beginning of both discs and removed extra silence at the end.

The taper seems to have increased the levels of his deck in the middle of the Elevation intro, and also at the beginning of the real Elevation, which caused the signal to be 250% bigger and much stronger.
I fixed those volume inconsistencies by carefully amplifying the first 2 segments to put them at the same level as the rest of the show, which I left untouched (unnormalized). Those volume changes now are unnoticeable, but a bit of tweaking seems to keep happening in the middle of Elevation (but not sure if that was due to the taper and is not very annoying, so I did not attempt to fix that).

Some diginoise happening at the encore break because of the DAT being stopped and then resumed was also carefully cut out.

The discs were poorly reindexed as tracks were placed in most cases 1-2 seconds into the song, which reflects that the DAT master was most likely put on CD with a standalone burner. I reindexed both disc using CDWave to correct this.

No cover available for this show.