Artist: U2

Date: 2001-07-23

Location: Zurich, Switzerland - Hallenstadion

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: CSB / D7


Elevating the Alps
Elevation Zurich, Switzerland
23 July 2001

Taper: ??
Source: Dat tcdd7 -> core sound with bass roll off filter
Transfert : D.A.T -> CD -> EAC -> SHN
Location: ??

Disc 1:
1. Trippy Elevation Intro
2. Elevation
3. Beautiful Day
4. Until the End of the World
5. New Year's Day
6. Kite
7. Gone
8. New York
9. I Will Follow
10. Sunday Bloody Sunday/Get Up, Stand Up
11. In My Life
12. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
13. In A Little While
14. Desire
15. People Get Ready

Disc 2:
1. Stay (Faraway, So Close)
2. Bad/40
3. Where the Streets Have No Name
4. Mysterious Ways
5. The Fly/Intermission/Bullet the Blue Sky Intro
6. Bullet the Blue Sky
7. With Or Without You/Intermission
8. One
9. Walk On

This bootleg features a crisp sound, but the music and particularly the vocals are a bit distant during the first few songs.
As I always say, bootleg ratings very from tour to tour. To give you a bit of perspective, while this bootleg is a borderline "EX AUD" recording from the Elevation tour, it would unquestionably receive the same ranking if it were from, say, the Lovetown tour. Audience noise is present, but not very distracting.

During the introduction to "Kite", Bono talks about how U2 has played in this arena during both the Joshua Tree and ZooTV tours. "We were good then, but we're great now" he says.


Archived on ICY1.

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