Artist: U2

Date: 1989-10-07

Location: Melbourne, AUS - National Tennis Center

Medium: SHN


"More nuggets please !!!" label : Bad Boys records LTD 2000

October 07, 1989 / Melbourne, Australia

National Tennis Center -SOUNDCHECK-

Original silverbootleg>EAC V0.9prebeta11 (secure)>Wav>Mkw ACT 0.96f>SHN

1- Where the streets hane no name (Edge) 1 05

2- With or without you (without Bono) 1 53

3- "Unreleased" (without Bono) 2 47

4- "unreleased" (without Bono) 5 16

5- Desire (full version) (without Bono) 3 54

6- All along the watchtower (intro) (without Bono) 0 44

7- All i Want is you (full version) (with Bono) 6 37

8- The unforgettable fire (full version) (without Bono) 4 40

9- Where the streets have no name (full version) (without Bono) 6 14

10- I still haven't found what i'm looking for (Edge)

When you will burn this soundcheck on CDR, dont forget to include the 2 seconds gap
or every tracks as it is on the original !!

from the original silverboot, i only have edited the Soundcheck (the last 8 tracks are
the known demos -city at night; touch; fool....- and it can be found everywhere..)

excellent sound quality for soundcheck : the sound is clear, powerful.
Some interesting instrumental versions (UF; WTSHNN)

enjoy it and don't forget to share !!!

SOUSOUS - - 27 february 2002

No cover available for this show.