Artist: R.E.M.

Date: 1984-09-26

Location: Durham, NC - Page Auditorium

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: SBD?


September 26, 1984
Page Auditorium
Duke University
Durham, NC

Liberated Bootleg

Conversion: Original silver CD > EAC > Shorten v3.5.1 > SHN
Conversion by: R. Herron
Quality: Excellent SBD (?)

01. Seven Chinese Brothers
02. Catapult
03. Radio Free Europe
04. 9-9
05. Gardening At Night
06. Windout
07. Letter Never Sent
08. Kohoutek
09. So. Central Rain
10. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville
11. 1,000,000
12. Hyena
13. West of the Fields
14. Old Man Kensey
15. Second Guessing


Available on LP as "We're Having a Heavenly Time" and on CD as "Unreleased Live LP." This show is frequently labeled as the September 25th show in Durham but that's not correct. As with the last REM show I posted here, the bootleggers cut some songs played that night, perhaps to make the show fit on a single CD. According to Daryll White's "R.E.M. Timeline" site (, the full set list for the evening was as follows:

Seven Chinese Brothers / Catapult / Radio Free Europe / 9-9 / Gardening At Night / Windout / Letter Never Sent / Kohoutek / So. Central Rain / Driver 8 / (Don't Go Back To) Rockville / 1,000,000 / Hyena / West Of The Fields / Old Man Kensey / Second Guessing
encore 1: Moon River [twice] / Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars) / Little America
encore 2: Moral Kiosk / Talk About The Passion / Sitting Still / Pretty Persuasion

To me, it's weird that they cut theses songs as they ended up putting 6 filler tracks on at the end of the CD from a different show (and their quality is not too great). The record and the CD are slightly different. Driver 8, for example is on the LP but not the CD. Oh well, the 15 tracks included here are great.

Enjoy the show!


No cover available for this show.