Date: 2003-06-24

Location: Cologne, Germany - Kult Kumplex Cafe

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: FM


Cologne, Einslive Studios, Kult Kumplex Cafe
June 24th, 2003

Length: 67:46
Quality: Excellent + FM
Size: 497 MB compressed (SHN), 684 MB uncompressed (WAV)
Complete Show: Yes
DAE in Lineage: No
Taper: Joaquim Pinto (


01. [Intro]
02. Saving An Angel
03. Swim
04. Star
05. Alright
06. Promised Land
07. Pain
08. [Story of Cologne]
09. Supergirl
10. Strong
11. Life Is A Dream
12. Josephine


FM (Eins Live Kultkomplex) (cable)
-> Keenwood KT-2010L Hifi FM Tuner
-> Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96 (line in)
-> WaveRecorder V2.40b recording
-> WAV (raw)

-> Cool Edit Pro 2.0 fade-in/out
-> CD WAVE Editor Track splitting
-> WAV
-> MKW Audio Compression Tools 0.97b
-> SHN(M)

Comments: Broadcasted live on 24.06.2003 in Einslive Radio (Germany).
No fades except fade-in/out at the very beggining and the very end of the show.
Otherwise, the only processing performed on this recording is indexing the tracks.

No cover available for this show.