Artist: U2

Date: 1987-05-29

Location: Modena, Italy - Stadio Comunale Braglia

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: Sony Mic / WMD6C


Artist: U2
City: Modena, Italy
Venue: Stadio Braglia
Date: 29/May/1987
Time: An all-day event
Support act: Lone Justice, Big Audio Dynamite, Pretenders
Length: 102:00.51
Source: Audience
Quality: exc- (subjective)
Notes: From 1st gen tape
Taper: Fabio Minotti
Lineage: Sony mic>WMD6C>That's cassette master>TDK AD cassette(1)
Conversion: Cass(1)>Nakamichi Dragon>CDRW700>EAC(secure)>coolpro>cdwav>FLAC(level 8)
Conversion by: Carlo Bolchini
Size: 1 GB
Compressed: 661 MB

Disc one
01) Where the streets have no name
02) I will follow
03) I still haven't found what I'm looking for
04) MLK
05) The unforgettable fire
06) Bullet the blue sky
07) Running to stand still
08) Exit
09) In God's country
10) Sunday bloody sunday
11) Maggie's farm
12) Bad

Disc two
01) October
02) New year's day
03) Pride (in the name of love)
04) Party girl
05) Trip through your wires
06) Gloria
07) With or without you
08) People get ready
09) 40

As usual coolpro used only to join sides of the tape, check levels and smooth ends
only. No other processing done, but during the master>cass(1) copy a bit of EQ
was used by the taper.
The tape is 17 years old.
Not really sure the master tape was on a That's, but that was the brand of tapes
the taper was using at the time. I cannot remember exactly the model of his Sony
stereo mic.
Carlo Bolchini Mar/2004

No cover available for this show.