Date: 2004-05-01

Location: Indio, California - Coachella Music & Arts Festival

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: DPA6040/PCM-1


Coachella Music & Arts Festival
Indio, California

Source: Master Audience DAT (DPA 6040's > Sony PCM-1)
Lineage: Sony PCM-1 > Tascam CD-RW5000 ( 7Pin Digi > Coax In) > CD > Peak 3.21 on G4 PowerBook (Extraction, normalization, tracking). xACT 1.2 (Verify SBE OK, generate .md5, compress to flac, generate fingerprint, and verify). Seeded via BitTorrent 3.3a

Taped, Transfered and Seeded by: SBDJohnny/BoldCaptain

File Size: 485.2MB

01. Theme Music > Vocoder intro - 4:42.43
02. The Man-Machine - 8:04.01
03. Expo 2000 - 4:48.01
04. Tour de France 2003 - 4:49.27
05. Tour de France - 5:31.02
06. Autobahn (short) - 5:47.08
07. Radioactivity (with slow intro - )6:42.14
08. Trans Europe Express - 9:45.00
09. Numbers > Computer World - 7:26.48

10. The Robots - 5:43.15

11. Aero Dynamik - 6:37.05
12. Musique Non Stop - 9:50.13

TOTAL= 79:46.27

FLAC Fingerprints:
Kraftwerk2004-5-1t01.flac: 0806312247ae19f957026c42703f4c95
Kraftwerk2004-5-1t02.flac: f25121da8a6054c12fc065d1774181b4
Kraftwerk2004-5-1t03.flac: a96356459659e3db98ea3ce8f9f116a9
Kraftwerk2004-5-1t04.flac: 9cb4783f4358eced8e1ac23d06fa5f77
Kraftwerk2004-5-1t05.flac: cbdaa801ba9c193d63cc392890587944
Kraftwerk2004-5-1t06.flac: 8a9f2093b8a25f7dba0ddff1f305cba9
Kraftwerk2004-5-1t07.flac: 54d3c4bde1672dea3c373a2da05f38bf
Kraftwerk2004-5-1t08.flac: 0f701792f8e693a2aa0f4a3ac55739f7
Kraftwerk2004-5-1t09.flac: abd4c6d96f4784faf003668b54a6aa25
Kraftwerk2004-5-1t10.flac: 76492e11db97a54726df1ff0c37820ce
Kraftwerk2004-5-1t11.flac: 1641a8421afc9f5ac117f9a008f0b188
Kraftwerk2004-5-1t12.flac: 8f81cfdf5ab52d931fa983bccc17fb96

Notes: Oh my God. Did these guys steal the show. From what I saw, the people I spoke to, and the reviews I've read, those who knew them were blown away. Those who didn't were either converted on the spot, or dropped thru the gates of Hell, left to scratch thier heads and wonder for eternity what they missed. Words will not do this justice, and I doubt even if the DVD ever surfaces, if it will capture the power of the moment. Tall talk about a bunch of middle-age gentlemen, who could have been the grandparents of most in attendance. But from the twisted introductary vocals to the fade out of Musique Non-Stop, this pop quartet dropped bass bombs that would have leveled Bagdad. These guys barely move a muscle, yet offer such a compelling visual, its impossible to look away. Four black siloettes are cast in red light on a curtian drawn across the stage. As the curtain unfolds, we are presented with four identical steel podiums, each holding a laptop and mini keyboard. Behind each podium, dressed in identical black suits, red shirts and black ties with flashing red lights running up and down them, the group more closely resembles a futuristic high priced legal team, than the techno pioneers that they are. As the lyrics come out of thier mouths, the large video screen that serves as the backdrop, mimics them in step. In cross-word puzzle style, large white letters stretch across a black screen. Each repetition is staggered under the first, until the final piece of the puzzle is revealed in red vertical letters. Pronouncing more than just words, "The Man-Machine" becomes a mantra, transporting not only them, but us as well into a digital nirvana. And that mantra sets the whole tent vibrating. Each new song is accompanied with its own set of unique imagary. Minimal in its content, overwhelming in its context, visually striking and musically complimentary, the whole becomes greater than its parts.
The football field sized tent swells with humanity, as the other stages across the grounds shut down. The rear of the tent has been lifted up, opening the room to the field behind. It fills with smoke, and a sea of swaying bodies sweat as the moon, and the heat rises. But this band is no stranger to the festival atmosphere, having earned a reputation for drawing not just fans, but artists as well into the crowd to glimpse into their own pasts, or futures.
Unrelenting for almost an hour, they shake the ground beneath our feet, barely breaking sweat themselves. An abreiviated Autobahn is sandwiched inbetween some new and older material, but it all seems fresh. The snap of the snare drum, the beat of the bass, familiar but new. The curtain draws close after Numbers > Computer World. The tent goes dark and we get a collective reprieve. Two minutes later the curtain pulls back to reveal the band members replaced by life-size dummies, fully articulated with life-like heads they mirror their human counterparts, raising thier hands and twisting thier heads in unison. Brought to life if only for a few minutes, to render the song "The Robots". Then they are gone.
A second encore brings the real band back on stage dressed like fugitives from the movie Tron. Black leotard jumpsuits ringed with glowing green phospherescent tubing. Offering up the brand new "Aero-Dynamik", thier bodies dissappear into the backdrop, except for their illuminated faces shinning like some 22nd century Blue Man Group. The closer, "Musique Non-Stop" tipifies the oxymoron the band itself presents. Everything has to have a begining and end, even music. Or does it? But stop it does, as each sucsessive member shuts down his console, and walks offstage. With an "auf wiedersehen", the last "Non-Stop" fades into the night.
This was taped front rail just inside of the right stack. It sounds abosultely AMAZING! 5/5. I had pictures to go with this but some rat bastard took my camera from my luggage on the flight back to NY. My appologies to the young lady that asked me to remove my hat. ("Under no condition" I think I replied).



No cover available for this show.