Artist: U2

Date: 1982-07-04

Location: Werchter, Belgium - Festival Grounds

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: FM


July 4, 1982 Festival Grounds, Werchter, Belgium

Radio Show 1982-8, Dutch Radio, KRO Rocktemple> Master Cassette (Pimm De La Parra) >
Cassette tape (dubbed) > Pioneer CDwriter (pdr-609) > TDK Audio CDRW >
HL-DT-STVD-RW GCE-8160B > EAC secure> WAV> CD Editor> CDR> EAC secure >
MKT tool> SHN

Intro / Gloria
I through a Brick through a Window
A Day Without Me
Bono Speech
An Cat Dubn>
Into the heart
Bono Speech
Rejoice > Bono Speech
The Cry >
Electric CO>
Send in the Clowns
I Fall Down >Bono Speech
I will Follow
Twilight intro > Out of Control
Bono Speach > 11 Oclock Tick Tock>
Bono Speech>
Give Peace a chance>
Bono Speech
The Ocean
"Aud clapping"
Bono Speech

This is a complete recording of the show and it is better quality that the
"Strength of Youth" bootleg. It took me over 10 years to find this show



No cover available for this show.