Artist: U2

Date: 1997-11-26

Location: Atlanta, GA - Georgia Dome

Medium: SHN

Title: Pop Goes The Dome


"Pop Goes The Dome"
Georgia Dome
Atlanta GA

This is a recording that I did at the Atlanta Pop-Mart show. Before this I had recorded only one other show and that was REO Speedwagon at the Heart Of IL fair with a mini cassette recorder. The sound wasn't bad but god knows where those tapes went.
Anyway... I recorded this with a Sony Mini Disc recorder borrowed from a friend. They wouldn't let me borrow their mic so I improvised with a Sony Stereo computer mic. The sound is decent overall. I was pretty close up the left side of the stage.

The show was fantastic. If I could have written out a playlist I wanted to hear and handed it to the band before they show they would have matched pretty good. The only thing lacking was some of the Achtung Baby material. Michael Hutchence had committed suicide only a couple of days before and through out the show Bono was calling to him. The big highlight of the evening was 40. Played for the first time in 8 years. It was a great closer brought back to life.

I haven't seen the Atlanta Pop-Mart show on alot of trade lists so I hope this helps to fill some gaps in peoples collections. BTW if you look on FLOM this is listed as Popmart Atlanta. The guy who posted it was one of the first traders I traded with for this show and he claimed it was his and then went about selling it on Ebay. He was banned from FLOM and I'm sure suffers from a nast palsy for the bad Karma.


1. U2 D1 01 - Pop Muzik (4:07)
2. U2 D1 02 - Mofo (4:37)
3. U2 D1 03 - I Will Follow (2:38)
4. U2 D1 04 - Gone (4:58)
5. U2 D1 05 - Even Better Than The Real Thing (4:16)
6. U2 D1 06 - Last Night On Earth (6:44)
7. U2 D1 07 - Until The End Of The World (4:55)
8. U2 D1 08 - New Years Day (5:03)
9. U2 D1 09 - Pride (In The Name Of Love) (3:49)
10. U2 D1 10 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (9:08)
11. U2 D1 11 - Staring At The Sun (6:49)
12. U2 D1 12 - Sunday Bloody Sunday (4:08)
13. U2 D1 13 - Bullet The Blue Sky (6:22)
14. U2 D2 01 - Please (7:48)
15. U2 D2 02 - Where The Streets have No Name (7:56)
16. U2 D2 03 - Lemon (Perfecto Mix) Intermission (5:15)
17. U2 D2 04 - Discotheque (6:30)
18. U2 D2 05 - If You Wear That Velvet Dress (3:21)
19. U2 D2 06 - With Or Without You (5:51)
20. U2 D2 07 - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (5:51)
21. U2 D2 08 - Mysterious Ways (5:59)
22. U2 D2 09 - One (7:04)
23. U2 D2 10 - 40 (First time in 8 years) (1:54)

No cover available for this show.