Date: 2004-10-06

Location: Berlin, Germany - Technical Museum

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: FM


Berlin, Germany - Technical Museum

Length: ~74:00 min
Quality: Very Good + FM broadcast
Size: 505 MB compressed (FLAC)
Complete Show: Yes
DAE in Lineage: No

This show was an exclusive concert taking place in the context of the "Stromgitarren" exhibition (an electric guitar exhibition) at the German technical museum in Berlin. It was a special event for a crowd of only about 90 people, and tickets could only be won on radio. The exhibition was co-organised by Radio Eins who also gave away the tickets for the concert and who did a live broadcast of the show.


1. Won't Give In
2. Nothing Wrong With You
3. Anything Can Happen
4. ?
5. Luckiest Man Alive
6. Homesick
7. Disembodied Voices
8. Weather With You
9. A Life Between Us
10. All God's Children
11. Edible Flowers
12. Angels Heap
13. All of The Colors
14. Part Of Me, Part Of You
15. Gentle Hum
16. encore
17. ?
18. Four Seasons In One Day
19. jam *

FM live broadcast (Radio1) (cable)
-> analog Sony DAT DTC-60ES w/ SBM (A>D @ 44.1kHz)
-> optical Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96
-> WaveRecorder / WAV recording @ 44.1kHz
-> Wavelab 3.0 / cuts / fades (see comments)
-> CD WAVE Editor Track splitting
-> WAV

- 2 cuts during the encore to get rid of the radio DJ
- fade-in/out at start/end of show

* Following the concert the Finn Brothers were asked to sign a Gibson Les Paul Classic for the exhibition, and Neil Finn took the advantage to improvise a little bit on the guitar.

No cover available for this show.