Artist: U2

Date: 1993-08-08

Location: Glasgow, Scotland - Celtic Park

Medium: SHN

Title: Lost Highway


Complete Show: Yes
Disc 1: (72:29)
Disc 2: (64:06)

Disc 1:
1. Intro [6:16]
2. Zoo Station [4:50]
3. The Fly [5:21]
4. Even Better Than The Real Thing [4:59]
5. Mysterious Ways [7:12]
6. One [4:47]
7. Unchained Melody [1:30]
8. Until The End Of The World [4:50]
9. New Year's Day [5:23]
10. Numb [4:25]
11. Zooropa [3:48]
12. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) [5:56]
13. Angel Of Harlem [3:42]
14. Rain [1:31]
15. Lost Highway [0:45]
16. When Love Comes To Town [3:13]
17. Satellite Of Love [4:01]

Disc 2:
1. Sarajevo Link [5:37]
2. Bad [6:09]
3. Bullet The Blue Sky [5:45]
4. Running To Stand Still [5:58]
5. Where The Streets Have No Name [5:44]
6. Pride (In The Name Of Love) [6:33]
7. Zoo TV confessionals [4:01]
8. Desire / Phone Call To John Major [9:39]
9. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) [5:04]
10. Love Is Blindness [5:34]
11. Can’t Help Falling In Love [4:02]

August 8, 1993. Glasgow, Scotland. Celtic Park.

Source: DAT > CDR > EAC Secure (Wav) > FLAC Frontend (FLAC)

The clarity of the recording suggests that this was mastered from a DAT. There is virtually almost no audience noise and background hiss is non-existent.
The show is excellent as it is The Edge's birthday as well. "Zooropa" is played for the first time and it is heavily improvised. Bono cuts straight to the 4th verse "And I have no compass,...". After "Stay (Faraway, So Close!)", Bono leads the crowd in singing a birthday song for The Edge. After singing "Rain", Bono played a joke on The Edge by announcing "Special surprise - Edge is gonna sing Lost Highway". He manages to remember a verse and barely the chords of the Hank Williams classic.
The satellite link-up to Sarajevo further depicts how grim the situation has deteoriated and Bill Carter brings up a Bosnian mother to speak to her son who is among the audience. Real heart-wrenching stuff.

Comments courtesy of Leong Kin Chung.

No cover available for this show.