Artist: U2

Date: 1981-03-06

Location: Boston, MA - Paradise Theatre

Medium: SHN

Title: Another Time Another Place

Equipment / Source: SBD


Subject: U2 - 1981-03-06 Paradise Theatre, Boston (SHN)

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Paradise Theatre, Boston
Silver CD>EAC>SHN (420MB)

Source: SBD
Lineage: ??
Taped by: ??
Transfered by: ??

Bootleg Title: CD "Another Time Another Place"
The Swinging Pig

File Size: 420MB (SHN)

This is an excellent sounding soundboard of an early show. The show
was professionally recorded and originally distributed as some sort of
radio LP or promo.

01 The Ocean
02 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
03 Touch
04 An Cat Dubh / Into The Heart
05 Another Time, Another Place
06 Electric Co.
07 Things To Make And Do
08 Stories For Boys
09 Twilight
10 I Will Follow
11 Out Of Control
12 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
13 The Ocean

MD5 Fingerprints:

cfb1c645cf4fadf3ffea80b26bfeb1a4 *u2-1981-03-06t01.shn
b8f66b5f425ec096b0e03a4d7f4ff0cd *u2-1981-03-06t02.shn
a28d356dd4d005a0fa2c6b2bdb3f7875 *u2-1981-03-06t03.shn
70a46117d81977fe184b6ab57a5e9c69 *u2-1981-03-06t04.shn
decf1bc77d54569863e3e762ab4336e8 *u2-1981-03-06t05.shn
e40fda0a53c58abfb92842a30d8e9cbe *u2-1981-03-06t06.shn
2bfc62d486689343b7c33a1a1ba32e8b *u2-1981-03-06t07.shn
d4fe83d156a13594834b65ef23dd8a5f *u2-1981-03-06t08.shn
aa169fc920aa1462d50f910eb442bb26 *u2-1981-03-06t09.shn
e685d6fc4eed6c5fb480c6006569f989 *u2-1981-03-06t10.shn
02c2d558e344400fb78557e70fc53a27 *u2-1981-03-06t11.shn
d3e6b462a2cb4c3e7cd6cfff0d079225 *u2-1981-03-06t12.shn
78fb703a3acf795ecbd8e62013db284e *u2-1981-03-06t13.shn


On disc u21992-08-20

No cover available for this show.