Artist: U2

Date: 2005-06-21

Location: Glasgow, Scotland - Hampden Park Stadium

Medium: SHN

Title: U2 In The City Of Funny Walks

Equipment / Source: ECM907 / MZ-R900


U2 In The City Of Funny Walks


Hampden Park Stadium




Taper - Gary P

Source - ECM-MS907>MZ-R900>PC>Soundforge>Flac


Disk 1

01 Intro

02 Vertigo

03 All Because Of You

04 The Electric Co.

05 Elevation

06 New Year's Day

07 Beautiful Day

08 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

09 Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

11 City Of Blinding Lights

11 Miracle Drug

12 Sometimes You Cant Make It On Your Own

13 Love and Peace, Or Else

14 Sunday Bloody Sunday

15 Bullet The Blue Sky

Disk 2

01 Running To Stand Still

02 Human Rights Speech

03 Pride

04 Where The Street Have No Name

05 One Speech

06 One

07 Crowd/Zoo Slots

08 Zoo Station

09 The Fly

10 With Or Without You

11 Yahweh

12 Vertigo

So here is my second ever recording of a U2 gig.

Was exactly the same set up at last time with the only difference being I was more in the middle of the right ramp on the inside barrier.

Again the mic was sticking out of the top of the back pack which in turn was placed against the barrier.

Thankfully no screamers from hell this time but the crowd was still very noisy.

I have down this very quickly in an attempt to try and get it out before I head to Dublin so if it is not right I will sort it when i get back.

Fingers crossed it is ok lol



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No cover available for this show.