Artist: U2

Date: 2005-05-00

Location: Chris Zegers goes U2

Medium: DVD

Equipment / Source: TV


Dutch Yorin TV host Chris Zegers travels to Chicago to visit one of the Chicago shows and to

interview the band members,the manager and the stage designer. This is recorded from Digital

Cable TV on a stand-alone dvd recorder in HQ mode. Created menu and chapters with TMPGenc DVD

Author and added the uncut versions of the interviews. The uncut interviews are less quality

because they have WMV as source, converted to VOB files.
This DVD contains the full broadcast (interviews and livefootage from the Chicago show May 10)

and the uncut interviews. DVD is in PAL format.
This is my 1st torrent so I hope everything goes well!!!
My upload is capped 25 kb/s on my provider,will take some time,just be patient! Will be seeding


No cover available for this show.