Artist: U2

Date: 1983-03-13

Location: Brighton, England - Top Rank

Medium: SHN


March 13, 1983
Top Rank
Brighton, England

Attendance: 2,000

Disc 1 (40:05)

1. Gloria
2. I Threw a Brick Through a Window
3. A Day Without Me
4. Seconds
5. Surrender
6. New Year's Day
7. Cry-The Electric Co.
8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
9. I Fall Down
10. October

Disc 2 (42:37)

1. Tomorrow
2. Two Hearts Beat as One
3. Twilight
4. Out of Control
5. Party Girl
6. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
7. I Will Follow
8. Knocking on Heaven's Door
9. "40"

To quote Pimm yet again:

"Adam celebrates his 23rd birthday, and throughout the show Bono makes sure that everybody knows. 'Will you welcome the birthday boy!' he shouts and sings Happy Birthday with the audience. 'I think I know what he wants,' Bono says during Party Girl, and asks Adam, 'What do you want, man? I tell you what you want. He wants a present! He wants some sort of gift. Do you want a drink? Get the boy a drink!' Dennis Sheehan then brings a bottle of champagne and a birthday cake on stage. Steve Iredale brings on some presents, including a silk morning coat and slippers. While Adam accepts the gifts, Bono picks up and bass and plays a funky solo, with the audience singing Happy Birthday again.

"During the encore Knocking on Heaven's Door is played, together with Mike Peters, the singer of The Alarm, and his saxophonist joining in. Peters had taught Bono the song that December past. At that time, in London, Bono sang along the The Alarm's own performance of the Dylan classic; now the roles are reversed. It is the first time U2 play this song and Bono does not yet know all the lyrics, but Mike stands by him."

As usual, this was a cdr obtained in trade...the quality leads me to suspect it is the same as the version quoted on Justin's site:

"Very strong overall sound with virtually no crowd noise during the music. Larry's drums and Adam's bass come through surprisingly well. An excellent recording, especially considering its rarity. There is a very slight hiss in the background throughout the recording."

cdr (lossless, obtained in trade, unknown lineage) > EAC to wav > MKWact to shn


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