SHN Trading - Rules

I will NOT, under any circumstances, sell any copies of any of these bootlegs, so chances are that if you e-mail me wanting to buy boots, I'll probably just ignore your e-mail.

My Trading Policies are based on the thought 'The wishes of my trading partner regarding quality of media, promptness, packing, labeling are the same as mine: As good as possibly.' Though the reality shows us that 'good' sometimes means less - i.e. think of using paper jewels instead of plastic ones and you'd save a lot of weight and postage.

If you have questions regarding my policies feel free to contact me.

Online SHN trades are my prefered trading method at the moment. SHN trades can be done online. I'm on a 2,3mbit SDSL line and have my own 24/7 FTP server.


Only use brand name CD-Rs, DATS,... consider long-time storage - no-name media might (and already happened to) fail after a year. Please be as prompt as possible - if there'll be a delay - that's no problem most times - but please let me know before!

Include all information you have about the recording:
- general info about the show (date, venue,...)
- setlist
- equipment used
- generation (analog and digital seperated if available!)
- playtime, quality, source (fm, aud, sbd,...)

Online trades (SHN)

For online trades I use the fileformat SHN which compress WAV-files to about 50% of their size. Many people shiver when they hear the word compression because of their experience with MP3s. But SHN is a completely LOSSLESS format. The quality of the files are identical to the files before they were compressed.

You can read more about it here.

To make SHN-files from an audio CD you need two tools:
EAC - for ripping the CD to WAV-files.
mkwACT - for converting the WAV-files to SHN-files.

Download the latest official version! Not the beta version! I really prefer that you use these two tools when you trade with me. They are by far the best. SHN is as before mentioned completely lossless, yet it reduces the filesize about 50%.

Both programs are free and only about a couple of MB in size.

Labeling / Artwork

Provide at least date/city/playtime on the media.

Don't Label the used media itself - put a sticker on it with date/city/playtime - this way i can label the media with my own handwriting, there's nothing worse than not beeing able to read the labeling. As we all know handwritings can differ a lot...

We can swap all the above mentioned informations about a recording via email - this way we both can print the infos out for ourselves, in the exact way we want them to look.

I don't do any artwork - except if it already exists i can make a b/w copy of it - as an alternative we can swap artwork via email.


Please use a properly setup version of Exact Audio Copy to get digitally exact clones of the cds.

Please write audio discs at 1x or 2x speeds, most, if not all cd-recorders tend to produce errors at higher recording speeds.

Your discs will be sent without jewel cases and instead will be shipped in PE CD sleeves in a cardboard box or bubbled envelope. I don't send cover scans with the discs.

Never use MP3s as your source !


Please fast forward and rewind all tapes before use.

Please record 1 minutes of blank space on all tapes.

Tell what type of recorder/mic was used to record the show.

If possible set SCMS to 00.

Make digital clones, no analog copies!

My Equipment

Soundman OKM I mics

Soundman OKM IIr mics

Soundman A3 mic-preamp for use with the mics above

Sony D-100 portable DAT



Midia Prodif digital I/O (koaxial/optical)

Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96 (koaxial/optical/analog)

NEC ND-1100 DVD+R/CD burner (4x/16x)

Pioneer DVD-A03 DVD-R/CD burner (2x/16x)

Plextor PXW-4220 SCSI burner (4x/2x/20x)

several IDE and SCSI drives for secure DAE with EAC

Soundpool SRC44 (SCMS killer, samplerate converter; koaxial/optical I/O)

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