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SHN links
Etree is a community of FTP servers that host and distribute lossless digital audio files across the Internet using Shorten (SHN) audio compression.

A Small SHN and MD5 FAQ
The FAQ gives a quick overview pitched toward new folks, whether ftp downloaders or regular mail traders.

Some SHN Resources
Some communities that are either familiar with or actively promote trading music of taper-friendly bands in Shorten (SHN) format.

Monkey's Audio
A fast and powerful lossless audio compressor.

U2 related
The purpose of this site is to promote the use of Shorten (SHN) format files for the transmission and archiving of live material among the U2 community.'s goal is to inform people about the U2 shows that are available in SHN format, technical aspects of SHN, available SHN Software, find other U2 SHN trader in the database and many more.

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