Artist: U2

Date: 1985-06-01

Location: Basel, Switzerland - St. Jacob

Medium: SHN


June 1, 1985
St. Jacob's Fussballstadion
Basel, Switzerland

Attendance: 40,000
'Rock in Basel' Festival Line-Up: Gianna Nannini, The Alarm, Rick Springfield, Joe Cocker, U2, Chris de Burgh

Disc 1 (55:19)

1. 4th of July (PA)
2. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
3. I Will Follow
4. Seconds
5. Gloria
6. MLK
7. The Unforgettable Fire
8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
9. The Electric Co.
10. Bad

Disc 2 (21:27)

1. October
2. New Year's Day
3. Pride
4. "40"

Pimm had nothing much to say about this one...and Justin's remarks as to his source, which is evidently the same as this, indicate that we are left with an imperfect recording from this concert:

"This is a fairly routine bootleg from The Unforgettable Fire tour. Crowd noise is minimal and sound quality and clarify are average for an audience recording from this era. There are a few minor flaws throughout the recording. These include some dropouts at the beginning of 'Bad' as well as obvious edit at 3:58 of 'The Unforgettable Fire' anmd 6:12 of 'Bad'. However, if you're a big 'Unforgettable Fire' fan, a few minor problems shouldn't keep you from pursuing this bootleg."

cdr (obtained in trade, lossless, unknown lineage) > EAC to wav > MKWact to shn

No cover available for this show.