Artist: U2

Date: 2005-08-09

Location: San Sebastian, Spain - Estadio Anoeta

Medium: DVD

Equipment / Source: amateur - 2 cam


Love & Peace in Euskadi - Donostia 9/8/2005 - Dvd 2 - 2 cams mix + 10 short clips

Donostia 9/8/2005

Love & Peace in Euskadi

Spanish Trilogy - Second Concert - DVD 2

This set of dvds have been edited by fans for fans. It's the first time that I made such editions and I'm not a video professional, I just do it for fun and to share a good concert with all the fans. I'm not in any video project.
This dvd is possible because of the collaboration of so many fans from Catalonia, Euskadi, Spain, Argentina and France. It contains 2 cams & 10 short clips that have been mixed. No cams with tripod, just shaky European cams, so if you going to get sick, don't download!!!. Just one or two slow seeders, to download, sorry for that.
You will find also the cover inside which I will publish in my web page,
do not publish in other web pages without permission.

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The dvd contains from Miss Sarajevo until Vertigo, full songs
and sound, just real cams from the concert,
no mixings or pictures from other concerts.

I would like to give special thanks to:
Jose Carlos, Cristobal, Iñaki, Suki, Ruhe, Ivan S., hawkmoon, ikizo,
Gregory P., Jorge O., Stroubi, lukather40, Josep S.,Ruben, Xavier B.,
Denis B., Raul A., Enrique R., Diego T., Tomas V., Rafael M.,
francou, Manuel M. ,David G., gronwcho83, lullaby, McGregor,
Pedro M. (portugal), Gemma D., Jose Javier R., Luis S. (Portugal),
Josep Vicente S., Marisa V., Gorka E., Jose S. (Portugal), Aina E., u2adicto, juagama2, Pau,
Luis Francisco F., k-no, Oriol A.
Thanks to everyone who got involved in this project, if I forget
someone, I'm so sorry ... and last, but no least, THANKS TO U2.
Also special thanks to Achtungpop and Thetery for their help to reencode 4:3 into 16:9. Finally the way I used is the same one that U2 is using on their side screens in their concerts, as I could check in MSG. Fitting the image into 16:9, as I did in the first dvd.

Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
Rendered: Adobe After Effects - 9000 Mb/s CBR
Multimedia video is a compilation of pictures sent by the fans. All pictures are from this concert.
Thanks to Suki for the Menus and Cristobal for the cover. Also thanks to all the people that wrote me and motivated me to do this second part; it is not as good as the first part, but you will enjoy it anyway :-)

PAL - 16:9 widescreen


And let's start with the first concert of the Triology: Barcelona "Bon cop de falç" supports L'estatut de Catalunya.


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No cover available for this show.