Artist: U2

Date: 2005-11-05

Location: Las Vegas, NV - MGM Grand Garden

Medium: DVD

Equipment / Source: amateur


Legends Are Made in Las Vegas

Las Vegas NV
MGM Grand Garden
Nov 5th 2005

Video Sony HC21 20x - lap shot
Audio: Camera

Encoding: Sony Standalone DVD Burner XP mode
Audio: AC3
Menu's and Chapters: Tmpegenc DVD Author 1.6

not 100% unobstructed and audio is slightly muffled at times but pretty much one of my
better videos of one of the best shows of the Vertigo Tour

Disc 1
00:00 City of Blinding Lights
06:23 Vertigo
12:00 Elevation
16:40 Mysterious Ways
22:30 Until the End of the World
27:27 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
32:20 Beautiful Day - All These Things That I've Done
36:50 Miracle Drug
42:30 Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
48:30 Love and Peace or Else
53:37 Sunday Bloody Sunday

Disc 2
00:00 Bullet the Blue Sky
05:20 Miss Sarajevo
11:20 Pride
15:25 Where the Streets Have No Name
24:10 One w/ Mary J Blige

30:34 Zoo Station
35:55 The Fly
41:14 With or Without You

47:04 All Because of You
50:44 In a Little While w/ Brandon Flowers(the Killers)
55:24 Bad - People Have the Power

In my book the best show of the Vertigo tour, Amazing set, all rock no fluff, 2 guest appearances
and the band hitting on all cylinders, and what better place to do it than Las Vegas with fans from
all over the world in Attendance. Although I may not feel the need or have the time or energy to share
EVERY show that i film, this show is one of those rare and special videos that I want the whole world
to see.

I spent several hundred dollars on going to vegas, tickets and equipment to get this show videotaped,
please do not sell this show, please do not ask for B&P's, if you see someone requesting a copy who
does not have high speed or a DVD burner, send them out a copy FOR FREE, it is not that hard or expensive,
one of my pet peeves is seeing people have to ask twice ot more for a copy of the show.

Please do not take the audio track from this DVD except for your own personal use, the audio imo is
very good but there are better audio recordings that will surface, just be patient

This show was likely my last Vertigo show, Financial limitations are making it unlikely i will be
able to attend more shows, I really would like to capture more shows so if you are interested in helping
make this happen feel free to contact me, it doesnt necessarily have to require money, maybe you have a
ticket i can use, maybe frequent flyer miles or you work for an airline and can get me a discounted flight,
maybe it is a couch for me to stay on while i am in town, any help is appreciated.

Most importantly ENJOY!


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