Artist: U2

Date: 1985-02-08

Location: Zurich, Switzerland - Hallenstadion

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unknown



date: February 8, 1985
venue: Hallenstadion Z├╝rich, Switzerland
complete show: YES

disc 1
01. 11 O'clock tick tock
02. I will follow
03. Seconds
04. MLK
05. The unforgettable fire
06 Wire
07 Sunday bloody Sunday(1)
08 Sunday bloody Sunday(2)
09 Cry/Electric co

disc 2
01. Bad
02. October
03. New Year's Day
04 Pride
05 Knocking on Heaven's door
06 Gloria
07 40

Tape>philips cdr 760>music match recorder>hd>cool edit pro>flac 6

Got this one in a trade a long time ago

No idea of the gen.

The sound is clear

===There's a fade-out and fade-in between the both Sunday bloody Sundays

===October starts abruptly.

* This is what Pimm Jal de la Parra write about this concert:

"Well if I lose my voice tonight, if I can't sing for you tonight, I hope you can sing for me."

This is serious. During Sunday bloody Sunday Bono sounds as if someone is switching him on and off

by remote control. "I'm sorry,"he rasps after the song. "I think we're gonnahave to break for some time because we've come a

long way to play you the best concert of our lives, not the second best. So we must go now, we see you in ten minutes. "

The band leave the stage and return after 20 minutes.

"Well, tonight I hope we make very good friends, because this is what friendship's about. For you only, the second

time we play Sunday Bloody Sunday."It does not sound much better, and Bono strugglesthrough the rest of the show.

A sort of homecoming is dropped and they skip entire parts of Bad.

During the encore, before Knockin'on Heaven's Door, Bono thanks the audience for their understanding.

"To sing is a very intimate thing, and if you feel that you can't give, you feel very open, very naked.

So for you. we're gonna play you a song that gives me great strenght, but also a song that we never

played in front of people, never." Though not exactly true. Bono feels like he has failed

and wants to give the audience the feeling they are getting something special.

He uses his last reserves and Edge contributes a heartfelt backing vocal.

No cover available for this show.