Artist: U2

Date: 2005-04-02

Location: Anaheim, California - Arrowhead Pond

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: IEM


2005-04-02 Anaheim

IEM ( in ear monitor ) 91.30 min (i.c. - taper came too late )
Soundquality A / Mono ( this time no pseudo stereo, for the purists)

Taped by MarkP, thx to him again.

Lineage > Master > CDR > EAC > Soundforge > Flac with SBA level 8 > You

BD, SYCMIOYO and BTBS had very bad dropouts up to 4 secs long , 6 in a row, so that I replaced these portions
with the available audience recording, to give you a smoother listening experience.
After the audience screams for about 50 secs the following 5 mins were missing at the beginning of "One".
Again, to make this whole thing more smooth, I added the audience recording in place to complete the song.
As before, I applied some equalization to the files, as the original sound was rather flat ( IEM's never have "real Bass" i.e.)
I was able to create a Harmonic Balance, that gives you a sound, that is as good as it gets.
The sound is now very good to excellent and as the first IEM of this tour very welcome...
The same taper tried to tape L.A. , Staplescenter, but the results were terrible, so that he erased the little he got.

There is enough audience on this recording, that a Matrix is not necessary, so please don't even suggest it !!!

01 x
02 x
03 x
04 x
05 x
06 x
07 x
08 Beautiful Day ( fades in) ( 8 secs from audience source)
09 Miracle Drug
10 Sometimes You Can't Make It ( 18 secs from audience source)
11 New Years Day
12 Sunday Bloody Sunday
13 Bullet The Blue Sky ( 29 secs from audience source)
14 Running To Stand Still
15 Zoo Station ( Bahnhof Zoo)
16 The Fly
17 Mysterious Ways
18 Pride( In The Name Of Love)
19 Where The Streets Have No Name
20 One ( 5 min from audience at beginning )
21 All Becuase Of You
22 Yahweh
23 "40"

Brought to you again by BogusPomp

Enjoy !

P.S. My wife doesn't like the audience recordings of the 2005 tour, but listened to this show twice with me and was very excited about Bono's voice,
as this must be his IEM, with almost no click track and a very present vocal track.


Archived on ICY1.

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