Artist: U2

Date: 1992-08-30

Location: New York , NY - Yankee Stadium

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unknown


August 30, 1992
Yankee Stadium
New York, New York

Attendance: 104,100 (two nights)
Support: Primus, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy

Disc 1 (64:49)

1. George Bush Rap
2. Zoo Station
3. The Fly
4. Even Better than the Real Thing
5. Mysterious Ways
6. One
7. She's a Mystery to Me
8. Until the End of the World
9. New Year's Day
10. Wild Rover
11. Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World
12. Angel of Harlem
13. New York, New York
14. When Love Comes to Town
15. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
16. Satellite of Love

Disc 2 (46:11)

1. Bad
2. All I Want Is You
3. Bullet the Blue Sky
4. Running to Stand Still
5. Where the Streets Have No Name
6. Pride
7. Intermission
8. Desire
9. With or Without You
10. Love Is Blindness

Per Pimm:

"After Trying to Throw Your Arms the girl on stage goes back into the crowd. Bono sighs: 'Bye, hello, goodbye...the story of my life!' and sings, "You say hello, I say goodbye,' (mis)quoting The Beatles song Hello, Goodbye, which will become a regular habit. During Satellite of Love, pre-recorded images of Lou Reed singing parts of the song are shown on the screens, enabling Bono to duet with Lou even though he is not there. The footage was recorded the day after Lou appeared live at Giants' Stadium, and will be used every time the song is played for the rest of the tour. Tonight's version of Love is Blindness appears as an extra track on the Stay (Faraway, So Close) single, The Live Format, released in November, 1993."

The original taper for this is not known, but I suspect Justin may be the one who has placed this into circulation: "I converted this bootleg from cassette to CDR. Sound quality is good but the clarity is only decent with the exception of 'Love is Blindness', which sounds great and would seem to be from a different source. U2 put on a good show, including a performance of the Frank Sinatra classic 'New York, New York'. There are small pops between most tracks which resulted from the editing program that use for converting the show."

There is also a DVD available for this show, wouldn't it be great it someone had the bandwidth, time and interest to share that with us????

cdr (obtained in trade, unknown source or lineage, lossless) > EAC to wav > FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 to FLAC Level 5


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