Artist: U2

Date: 1992-04-07

Location: Austin, TX - Frank Erwin Center

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unknown


1992 04-07 U2 Austin Soundcheck

Location: Austin, TX
Date : April 7, 1992

Lineage: Dana Fletcher's Tape> EAC>CDR>EAC (secure rip)
>WAV>Adobe Audition (EQ/NR)>FLAC

Track Listing:

01 Mysterious ways
02 Even Better Than the Real Thing
03 Drum Check
04 Zoo station
05 Guitar Check
06 Angel of Harlem
07 Satellite of Love
08 Bad
09 Even Better Than the Real Thing
10 Unknown Jam / My Way
11 Mysterious ways
12 Oldies Jam / Zoo Station
13 All Along the Watchtower Jam
14 Angel of Harlem

Comments by Philip Collier:

This recording is the earliest of the Zoo TV soundchecks of which I'm
aware. There is interesting experimentation and jamming as U2 and
their technicians prepare for that evening's concert. Bono was fussing
about hum getting into their audio, but things seemed to improve over
time. The original recording of this soundcheck contained considerable
tape hiss; digital noise reduction has been used to eliminate most of it.
Enjoy, and please use lossless formats - no MP3 encoding!


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