Artist: U2

Date: 1989-10-12

Location: Melbourne, Australia - Sports And Entertainment Centre

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unknown


national tennis centre
melbourne, australia

attendance; 112,000 (sellout,seven nights)
support; weddings party anything, B.B king



Disk 1 (44.28)

1. bullet the blue sky
2. where the streets have no name
3. i will follow
4. gloria
5. i still havn't found what i'm looking for
6. m.l.k.
7. the unforgettable fire
8. god part 11
9. desire
10. all along the watchtower

disk 2 (42.51)

1. all i want is you
2. bad
3. van diemans land
4. with or without you
5. people get ready
first encore
6. angel of harlem
7. when love comes to town
8. love rescue me

taping equiptment____; these shows were recorded with a toshiba portable cassette recorder,
with an external stereo clip on (t bar looking mic)that was covered with stocking material,
experimented at band re- hersals, to find mic was best used like this to capture sound,
difference was a warmer not as harsh sound, im a fan of bass in aud recordings and the stockings
helped with bottom end... maby not for everyone, i strongly suggest tapers experiment with there equiptment.
the mics were richer in the mid frequencies without the stockings around them. so i had to find a way of getting more of a balance of high.mids@lows,
say again, stockings wrapped around mic ( roughly 8 to 10 mm thickness around mics ) good luck.. boyacrobat.....

sound;_______ the mics did clip in the mid frequencies giving the recordings some natural overtones adding to the recordings atmosphere, i tried to eliminate that as much as i could, the mic input sensitivity switch on the rec device was set to high, there is crowd noise of course but it adds to the shows atmosphere,the recordings have a something
about them that makes them rather unique i feel, at the end of the day, they are what they are, JOE O HERLIHEY certainly
pulled an awsome sound out f.o.h. at the tennis centre those melbourne shows,
this show my 3rd rec attempt was, a good step forward from previouse attempts


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