Artist: U2

Date: 2001-08-28

Location: Glasgow, Scotland - SEC

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unknown


Glasgow S.E.C.C
Glasgow, Scotland
28 August 2001

Disc 1:
1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/Trippy Elevation Intro/Elevation
2. Beautiful Day
3. Until the End of the World
4. New Year's Day
5. Out of Control
6. Sunday Bloody Sunday/Get Up, Stand Up
7. Wake Up Dead Man
8. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
9. Kite
10. Angel of Harlem
11. Band Introductions/Desire
12. Staring At the Sun
13. All I Want Is You
14. Where the Streets Have No Name
15. Mysterious Ways

Disc 2:
4. Charlton Heston Speech/Bullet the Blue Sky
5. With Or Without You
6. One/When Will I See You Again
7. Walk On

This disc was bought at the famous Glasgow Barras market from the infamous Revolver records stall.
The guy with the ponytail and terrible patter(anybody from glasgow will know who i am on about).
He claims to have recorded all the shows that he sells.

This version seems to be alot different from the one described on Justin's Website so i am very sorry
i don't have info on the taper or Generation of this one.

The recording is Excellent and the crowd noise can be heard but when they are singing along it only
adds a better feel to the show (i was there i would know).

i hope you all enjoy this one


CD-R Gen ??? > dBpower AMP > Flac level 7


Archived on Brick.

No cover available for this show.