Artist: U2

Date: 1993-05-10

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands - Feyenoord Stadium

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: OKM IIr / D7


Rotterdam - 10/05/93 (I thought about calling this "Party Boy" in honor of Oliver, but then thought I'd better not if we want to continue to see his seeds)

Disc 1:
1. Television, the Drug of the Nation/Intro
2. Zoo Station
3. The Fly
4. Even Better Than the Real Thing
5. Mysterious Ways
6. One
7. Unchained Melody
8. Until The End of The World
9. New Year's Day
10. Party Girl
11. We Love You Bono
12. Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World

Disc 2:
1. Angel of Harlem
2. My Girl
3. I Will Follow
4. Satellite of Love
5. Sunday Bloody Sunday
6. Bullet the Blue Sky
7. Running to Stand Still
8. Where the Streets Have no Name
9. Pride (In the Name of Love)
10. Video Confessionals
11. Desire
12. Macphisto Phone Call
13. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
14. With or Without You
15. Love is Blindness
16. Are You Lonseome Tonight
17. Outtro


May 10, 1993. Rotterdam, Holland. Feyenoord Stadium.


DAT Master > DCL2 (S.K.) > Terratec EWX24/96 Soundcard > Optical > Sound Forge 4.5 > CD Wave > MKW > SHN [> CDR > EAC Secure > FLAC]

(I asked Oliver who the taper was, he said probably Geraldo Van Kessel. I will let him put comments here if he wants).

Sound Quality:

(What Justin Cook calls EX+)

The second of three nights in Rotterdam on Bono's birthday features a (spontaneous?) solo rendition of "Party Girl" by the Edge, which comes out sounding pretty bad, but kind of interesting nonetheless. The Edge then does an improvised song about Bono, which, to his credit, rhymes pretty well. Overall the show is kind of sloppy. As usual for shows that are near the beginning of the tour, the band screws up a few times. Bono sings a lot of improvised verses or lines in songs, like in "My Girl" (some of which are undoubedtly because of band coordination issues and him forgetting the lyrics, though also just kind of a fun night (it is his birthday after all. On a more interesting note, the show ends with "Are You Lonesome Tonight" instead of the usual "Can't Help Falling in Love" both by Bono and on the PA after the show. This was the only time they did that, though it was an improvised version that might have been spontaneous. Unlike some other people here, I liked the Elvis close to the show. I thought it fit well with ZOO TV and was a more pleasant/ambiguous ending than the somber ending of "Love is Blindness." They also did "I Will Follow," though it didn't sound as nice as later performances in July and August that I have heard. It sounds like there was some weird echo effect on "Satellite of Love." MacPhisto calls a travel agent in what becomes a pretty humorous phone call.

This is an amazing Zooropa recording, took forever to surface I guess. The clarity and closeness could not be better. Equal, or close to, to my 5/11 recording. The treble is a bit high and there is a tiny bit of bass distortion I heard at 2 times maybe, but otherwise fantastic, though it's possible that this was "remastered" from the lineage notes. I also noticed that, maybe because of taper location, the left sounds a bit louder than the right. And I listened for flaws and heard none, let me know if you do.

So someone here is going to ask how this compares to other versions. The answer is: I don't know. You can ask and find someone to compare, but if I ever had another version of this show, I threw it away long ago because this was much better than whatever I had. I can tell you that, according to Justin's site, it's tons better than BBB, and I can tell you that it's about as good as other top-notch Zooropa recordings, but judge for yourself. The sound and vocals are all crisp and sound extremely close. I don't know of a Zooropa recording that I would say is better than this one, though several are on-par.

The Edge has the line of the night: "I've never sung this before but... this is not a usual occassion."

Well said.


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