Artist: U2

Date: 1987-06-12

Location: London, England - Wembley Stadium

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: SBD


Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for your patience, support, kind comments & for giving me the time to work on this without being pressured. Its finally here!! This may well be a WORLD PREMIERE for U2Torents - The First Soundboard recording from a U2 Wembley Stadium Joshua Tree Tour Concert ;-))

Like my last torrent (The Montreal Forum Soundboard Upgrade), I received this tape the on Feb 27th 1988. I hadn't though about it much at the time as I wasn't very familiar with U2 & this tape , along with the Montreal one, were the ones that gave me my initiaion to the band & their music. I was given the tape by a close friend at college, told it was a 'special' tape & asked to keep it to myself, which I've done for approx 19 years.

I recently came across this tape again during the midst of a 'clear out' of my attic at home. On listening to it again, it brought a smile to my face & I thought the very generous people on this site (U2 Torrents) in particular might like to have it. I verified with my friend that it was ok for me to share this now & was told it would be ok - so my conscience is clear ;-)

I hope you all enjoy this recording. Please bear in mind its far from perfect, its an old analogue recording that was thrown in an attic & is approx 19 years old etc.etc etc Saying that, I've spent some time trying to digitally clean it up as much as I could without emphasizing any frequencies, adding any digital artifacts or masking out what's left of the higher frequencies. I've used some 'gentle' hiss reduction to try ensure as much of the music takes prominence but I chose not to over do it. Its still a little hissy as you might expect but I think people might like it.

There is a small amount of vocal repitition on Bono's mic for the first 3 songs - approx 12mins total duration. I guess its some effects processig or delay to the PA towers being adjusted as the concert starts. The tape was almost complete, the last track "40" is only approx 60secs long. There are also some very small edits on the tape that I did not make myself - it was that way when given to me. This is a live soundboard so you might hear some imbalances in the soundmix, bonos vocal effects switching on or being changed & since its not heavily compressed - watch out for Larry on occasion (some parts of Bad!)

Here's the lineage....

Maxell UDI90 - Sony Micro HiFi - SoundBlaster Live Platnium - PC - WAVfile

WAV file edited to chop off non relevant parts at start & end
Volume brought up
Hiss Reduction gently applied - Its still a bit hissy, but I didn't want to apply too much noise reduction as it would have destroyed too much top end.
No Eq was applied to the recording, no frequencies were enhanced - just some mild hiss filteing
Wav file split into individual tracks for 2 CDs etc..
Fades added to relevant tracks at start & end of them so they'd suit 2 CDs
Wav converted to FLAC (Level6)

U2 Joshua Tree Tour
Wembley Stadium - London, England
Friday June 12th 1987
Almost Fully Complete (Last Track - "40" only approx 60 secs long)
Analogue Soundboard Recording

CD 1
Where The Streets Have No Name
I Will Follow
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
The Unforgettable Fire
Bullet The Blue Sky
Running To Stand Still
Sunday Bloody Sunday
In God's Country

Trip Through Your Wires
People Get Ready
New Year's Day
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Party Girl
With Or Without You

Feel free to share this with others but don't attempt to charge anyone for it, don't ebay it etc..Please only convert to MP3 if using for your own ipod, zen, personal device etc..

Please don't forget to rate it, so others will know if its worth downloading etc.. Thanks to all the other seeders/uploaders for their generousity with some of the excellent material recently posted on U2 Torrents.




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