Artist: U2

Date: 2005-07-29

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden - Ullevi Stadium

Medium: DVD

Title: On The River In Vertigothenburg

Equipment / Source: multi-cam amateur


Name : On The River In Vertigothenburg (multicam-mix)

Tour: Vertigo Tour
Leg: Leg 2 - Europe
Date: 07.29.2005
Country: Sweden
Town: Gothenburg
Place: Nya Ullevi Stadium
Type: Video
Support: DVD+/-R
Taper: Several sources put together by Edge89
Material: Several sources > Premiere 6.5 MPEG Encoder > DVDLab > DVD +/- R
Performance: Live

Source: Mixte
Generation: Master
Integral: Complete
Camera: Amateur
Nb Cam.: 3 and more
Format: PAL
RĂ©solution: 720x576
Sound: LPCM
Ratio: 4/3
Authoring: Yes (By Titles)
Menu: Yes

Discs Contents
Disc 1 & 2: Gothenburg, July 29th, 2005


Disc 1 (1:17:21)
1. Intro 'wake Up' / Vertigo
2. I Will Follow
3. The Electric Co. / Bullet With Butterfly Wings
4. I Can't Stand The Rain / Elevation
5. New Year's Day
6. Beautiful Day / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/blackbird
7. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
8. All I Want Is You
9. City Of Blinding Lights
10. Miracle Drug
11. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
12. Love And Peace Or Else
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday
14. Bullet The Blue Sky / When Johnny Comes Marchin Home / Please / The Hands That Built America

Disc 2 (0:58:49)
1. Miss Sarajevo
2. Human Rights Intermission
3. Pride (in The Name Of Love)
4. Where The Streets Have No Name
5. One Speech/one/rain
6. Zoo Station
7. The Fly / Billy Boola
8. With Or Without You
9. All Because Of You
10. Party Girl
11. Vertigo / Rockaway Beach

The concert starts off with the Wave Whiteact from the fans organized by the swedish fansite to show our support for the Global Call To Make Povert History campaigns. And it seems like the band were impressed by it, because before Vertigo begins Bono says:
"Don't now what's going on in Gothenburg, but we surrender!"
U2 really enjoys being in Sweden and we can tell especially Bono does, because he repeatedly thanks the audience for all sorts of things.

The atmosphere is really great, the band is at it's best and so is the audience.

The sound on this is the same as on the Crystal Cat-bootleg of the show, with an exception for the intro where the audio from the "White Flags..." bootleg has been used up until where the first Vertigo starts.

Those who have heard this know how good it's been recorded.
The mix between the band's instruments, Bono's vocals and the audience noise is flawlessly perfect, best possible audience-taped sound!
Although at times the audience sounds to be a bit distant, and then you simply have to make noises yourself in your livingroom or where ever you might be.

As stated in the General Informations, this is a multi-camera mix.
There are several cameras used from digital cameras to digital camcorders.
When the rain started coming down that evening I presume most people stopped taping to avoid destroying their cameras.
This resulted in the last three songs only having digital camera sources and this lowers the overall quality, but I think it's still enjoyable.
Some sources suffer of a bit of pixelling, but not too disturbing.

This wasn't at all planned in the beginning, so there aren't many camcorder sources.
A couple of weeks after the show I started requesting videoclips from all over the world from this show to create a complete video.
I got replies from people who sent me their clips, and in some cases the video recorded wasn't their own.
Because of this I have a couple of unkown sources.

My own clips filmed from the seats in section E2 to the left of The Edge's catwalk with a Canon Powershot S50 digital Camera.
I think I filmed a good shot overlooking the audience closest to the stage.
Because of the fact that it is a camera rather than a camcorder the quality isn't that great, but it's not too shaky.

Filmed in the pitch, close to Edge's catwalk with what I suspect is a digital camera. Good quality and great close ups at times. Almost no shakes at all.

Filmed from the upper seats at Adam's side, and a long distance from the stage with a digital camera or perhaps a cellphone shaking at times making the quality poor compared to the other sources but a good overlook at the stadium.
This is used in two of the last three songs.

Filmed by the friend of a friend of mine. =)
This was also filmed at the seats of Section E, but with a camcorder.
Not very shaky, with good variation of close-ups and zoomed out pictures.

Filmed in the pitch with what I think is a camcorder because of the stunning quality. If this is a digital camera, I'm impressed by it's high quality! Not shaky at all.

This is filmed from the seats far from the stage with a digital camera.
Not too shaky but of lower quality, therefore it's not used very much.

Filmed with a digital camera close to the stage at Edge's side, delivering some fine close-ups and no shakes.

Filmed at the same place as "Ramrod's" clips with an Ixus 30 digital camera, with good resolution and no shakes.

Filmed in the pitch close to Edge's catwalk and with no shaking.
It was filmed with a digital camera, so the quality could've been better although it's not bad at all for a digital camera.

Filmed at the Edge's "vertigo spot" catwalk, with a digital camera.
This was during the raining so the quality isn't that high, but not too shaky luckily.

The angle used for most of the second Vertigo, filmed in a cool way with good variation no shakes and good quality.
Filmed using a digital camera I think.

Filmed inside the bombshelter with a digital camera, gives the impression of being at the show, good variation and decent enough quality with no shakes.

Using a digital camera this angle is filmed in the pitch with some good Bono-closeups at times.
No shakes.

At first I couldn't believe that this was a digital camera source, but it is!
No shakes, very nice close-ups of Bono, Adam and Edge when they are out on the catwalks, but it's filmed in the first row so what more is there to expect than perfect shots?

Filmed from section E1 once again, and also with a camcorder, JVC-GRD20E.
This one is most of the time focused on Bono which can get boring when there's other stuff going on like Edge's solo's etc.
During some songs this is the only source though.

This angle is shot with in the pitch and it's of good quality so I think it's a camcorder here, not shaky and a great view of the giant screen.
Shot by an unknown taper.

Various sources filmed at different places with good quality where some are camcorders and some are digital cameras.
Not shaky, and good variation.
Shot by unknown tapers.

Shot a bit away in front of the stage with high quality and taped with a camcorder.
Shot by an unknown taper.

Filmed to the right of the stage with a digital camera, close to Adam's catwalk.
Good resolution, high quality and no shakes.
Shot by an unknown taper.

Shot a bit right of the middle to the stage.
Taped with a digital camcorder, no shakes and high quality.
Shot by an unknown taper.

Filmed from the right-seats with good distance to the stage, no shakes and captured with a digital camera.
Shot by an unknown taper.


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