Artist: U2

Date: 2001-04-13

Location: Vancouver, Canada - General Motors Place

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: unk / D3


U2 Good Friday 2001 Vancouver
General Motors Place April 13, 2001

from my ears to yours, pseudo-binaural recording
lots of headhoom, good stereo definition, and plenty of low end
occasional mic cord crackles in left side
all the links in the chain are listed as follows:

recorded by Audioarchivist U - 101 from sec 112 row 5 seat 8
with borrowed mics (2 mini capsules that were mounted in my hat left and right on my head just slightly above my ears) that I do not remember the brand name of
into a Sony WM D3 onto Sony UX Pro 90 tape using chrome bias and Dolby ON for recording with Duracell Alkaline batteries.....
played back with a Denon DRM 500 deck re-aligned specifically for this master tape
with normal bias and Dolby OFF for extended high end range reproduction
through a Sentrek analog EQ for added warmth and high end boosting
into a Toshiba Laptop running Wavelab 3.0 for digitization, minor further processing and cautious noise reduction, track separation, and fade in/out editing.
Burned to Maxell 24x700 cdr audio only ever twice at slow (2 times) speed, and never backed up. Laptop's hard drive was erased.
One copy lost, this copy rarely played and mint condition extracted using Exact Audio Copy secure mode and proper read offset correction.
There were no read errors, and I think it sounds fine!
Converted to FLAC files using Trader's Little Helper level 6
I still have my master cassettes, but I don't think I could do all THAT much better even knowing what I know now. Except for the editing part. Read on.

Recording / Reproduction notes:

A fairly early ReMastering attempt I did on a borrowed computer, I never got to do a data backup. We made 2 audio burns of this 2 disc set. I gave one to a music taper friend who I don't think has really traded it. The other one I kept nice and have cleanly ripped for you here. There is an unfortunate edit at the beginning of The Fly, missing a cool intro to a re-worked version of the song, done in a new key...Sorry, had to flip the tape somewhere. I ran out the tape side there, transfixed by what I was hearing, watching the tape run out! Damn! The next tape side flip jammed a bit, and was the hardest tape loading experience I've had in any concert! I'd love to recover what I missed!
I've seen several different covers already designed for this show, leading me to believe that there's several different (more complete) sourced recordings available...Other tapers come foreward please! I've never really put my version out before this cleanly (made a tape to tape one-off ReMaster or two, but not this nice, and never digital before) and am happy to have the chance now to share it with you all now.
I do know that my recording is unique to any others. I specifically obtained the seat I recorded from, being in the center line of the building facing the middle of the front of the stage at the height of most of the PA (although further away), the live sound was sweet, and I was in a sweet spot.
I'm not claiming that mine's better sounding than any others, in fact I wasn't happy with the mics lack of high frequency response. It does make a good binaural recording, though, obtaining a good stereo image of basically what I heard that night. Thanks to A. Lisson (I think) for the loan of the unknown mics, which I believe I lost before returning. I owe you big time.
For some reason back when I originally ReMastered this, I wanted to cram as much on a disc as I could(!) and made some (potentially) un-necessary edits from disc 1 to disc 2 (they fade out/in and overlap the end of one to the start of two) in order to fit some bonus tracks I had recorded live to VHS HiFi SP stereo from various cable/satellite broadcasts, and then transferred to computer from said VHS tapes for fade in/out edits. These were :
A> the MTV awards show 2001 'live' original broadcast version 2 1/2 songs: Elevation x2,Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of (later multiple airings had edited Elevation's false start/break to commercials out of the show, seamlessly mixing out the obvious live mistake without the 2 minute commercial break and Re-introduction after the ads that I present here)
B> the Brit awards show 2001 2 9/10 songs: One, Beautiful Day, Until The End Of The World (They end the show, the credits are rolling throughout Until The End Of The Show)
C> the Superbowl halftime show 2002 3 short songs: Beautiful Day, MLK, Where The Streets Have No Name.
Although listed here, I'm not sure if you're actually going to find them all in the torrent or not, due to their potential availability on video/DVD in better quality than what I got here. Lossy-ish satellite (of love?) broadcasts / cable TV, VHS HiFi tape noise(the DAT machine of the 80's!) and tracking dropouts, yadda yadda yadda... They're really just filler, and maybe even useless clutter to some!
Having said that, these extra tracks sound appropriately analog sitting beside my U2 Vancouver master tape digital ReMaster version1.0...and I like them! We'll see about their inclusion or not.

Upun further consultation and consideration, it's all down to rarity and the Stuporbole stuff is out there for sure, so, SORRY, but it's gotta get cut out. The other stuff is more scarce, so the last three tracks of disc two are not gonna make the final edition, while bonus tracks A&B MTV&Brit Awards will be included for your enjoyment! Yay!

Hope you like it, there's some art I found that like I said, is for other versions, so beware of printing it un/altered. My discs were made before that art, my tracks don't match up to the other ones.
There is also some scans of tickets and tapes and my original un-made covers for you to make your printable origami masterpiece! If you photoshop something cool together for this version of the show, post your results for others and email me your results, too! Thanks and have fun with the art. I had fun making the HiRes 3D scans of my masters with the tourbook as a backdrop!!!
Buy lots of extra ink and good doublesided glossy heavy paper and some good sharp scissors etc. and have at 'er! Good luck!

Don't EnCrap to mp3 files, even for your own personal use, ever (haha!) stay lossless
Trade freely with original FLAC files, but let's all try to only have all first generation CDR's of this one out there if they gotta be burned at all. Try not to let your friends that you burn copies of this for trade to others from their scratched up then badly ripped audio CD's. Please provide them with Data copies of the original FLAC files for reliable Re-Re Re-Re ReReproduction everytime... But please feel free and DO burn some audio CD's for friends Christmasses/Birthdays/because it's tuesday-days/etc...

I've got masters of U2 Outside Broadcast inside BC Place Vancouver Nov 2 & 3 1992 I recorded 2 nights from near and far seats, and PopMart BC Place Vancouver Dec 9 1997 I loaned my gear to Clark to make a tape for me. Look for them coming in early 2007........


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