Artist: U2

Date: 2001-10-10

Location: South Bend, Indiana - Joyce Center

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: live satellite feed


Joyce Center
Notre Dame University
South Bend, Indiana
October 10, 2001
JEMS Master Capture

live satellite feed > Casio DAR-100 DAT > Wavelab > CD-R

Disc One
01 last notes of All You Need is Love > Beautiful Day
02 Until the End of the World
03 New Year's Day
04 When Will I See You Again
05 Stuck in a Moment
06 What's Going On
07 New York
08 Pride (In the Name of Love)
09 Sunday Bloody Sunday
10 Kite
11 Angel of Harlem
12 Staring at the Sun

Disc Two
01 Bad
02 Where the Street Have No Name
03 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
04 With or Without You
05 encore break > Elevation mix
06 Elevation
07 Mysterious Ways
08 One
09 Peace on Earth
10 Walk On

So as luck and fate would have it, JEMS happened to be in position to do a live capture to DAT of the satellite audio feed that eventually fed this show's webcast. As I noted in my initial forum post, I do not believe there is such thing as a "pre-satellite" recording of the show in circulation (which I suppose would be a true soundboard before it hit the satellite truck).

There are several webcast captures in circulation, and others called "pre-satellite" which are almost certainly post-satellite in that someone did what we did and captured the feed coming down off the "bird" as the TV folks like to call it.

I asked a few questions about this in the forum and Noiseless was kind enough to post a couple of samples of the best known "pre-satellite" recording of the show, which I believe was booted as Cockles & Muscles. The samples of that recording include a big drop outs in "Beautiful Day" and "One" (said to come from damage to the original VHS tape that recording presumably audio and video) and other interference.

Our JEMS master does not have the "Beautiful Day" or "One" drop outs and while I think it may have a minor tick here or there (inherent in the feed), it is clearly a different source to what is in circulation. I know JH did a lot of work in Wavelab to clean it up. For those reasons, I believe it should be upgrade in terms of being more complete and hopefully as good if not better sound. Samples provided.

Butterking for JEMS


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