Artist: Bono & Edge

Date: 2008-06-27

Location: London, England - Hyde Park

Medium: DVD

Equipment / Source: TV


Bono & The Edge
Broadcast on 2008-06-27
Hyde Park
London, UK

'Happy Birthday To You'

Play Time: 02m:54s

Music High Definition (MHD)>Motorola DCT3412 I DVR>FireWire>CapDVHS>You

This is a recording of Bono & The Edge singing 'Happy Birthday To You' that was broadcast at Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday Concert on 2008-06-27. This is different than the clip on You Tube. This is the recording that was broadcast on the screen at the concert - so no announcer & audience etc. - juct Bono and The Edge :-)

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