Artist: U2

Date: 1982-03-17

Location: New York, NY - The Ritz

Medium: CD

Title: St. Patrick Day (Labyrinth)


1. Gloria (4:14)
2. Another Time, Another Place (4:54)
3. An Cat Dubh (3:44)
4. Into The Heart (3:06)
5. Rejoice (4:13)
6. The Cry / The Electric Co. (5:02)
7. I Fall Down (3:03)
8. October (2:06)
9. Tomorrow (6:27)
10. Twilight (6:09)
11. Out Of Control (2:37)
12. Fire (3:21)
13. 11 O'clock Tick Tock / Give Peace A Chance (6:09)
14. The Ocean (3:26)
15. A Celebration (2:56)
16. Southern Man (4:40)
17. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (3:42)

total playtime - 70:08

(1-14) March 17, 1982. New York, NY. The Ritz
(15,16) May 14, 1982. Hattem, Netherlands. T'Heem
(17) December 18, 1983. London, England. Apollo Theatre

Sound Quality:
Excellent Soundboard

Sound and Performance Ratings:
Overall Sound: 9.6
Crispness: 9.5
Alive: 9.7
Ambience: 9.7
Performance: 9.6
Artificial: 1.8

Great CD. Bono is very chatty and is obviously having a good time with the crowd. He talks about how he was almost arrested earlier in the day when trying to join a Saint Patrick's Day parade as part of a photo shoot, about how the Irish are portrayed in the US and about his favorite part of the Irish flag (the middle, the white bit). There is a rare performance of Tomorrow included. Bono says that this is the first time they have performed that song, ever. The sound is very clear and good and the plays well and they are a little less ridgid in their adherence to the songs on the album. A must for a boot lover of their older material. The bonus tracks are also rare perfromances for each of those songs, but the sound quality is good audience at best.``This is the original pressing on this label.

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